Published Primary Sources: A Select List of Books from the 1960s and 1970s

Stanley K. Bailey & Edith Mosher.  ESEA: The Office of Education Administers a Law  (1968)
Peter Binzen.  Whitetown USA (1970)
Jerome Bruner.  The Process of Education (1960)
James B. Conant.  The American High School Today: A First Report to Citizens  (1959)
James B. Conant.  Slums and Suburbs. A Commentary on Schools in Metropolitan Areas  (1961)
Bob Greene.  Be True to Your School: A Diary of 1964  (1987)
Robert J. Havighurst.  Education in Metropolitan Areas  (1966)
Ruth Wright Hayre. Tell them We are Rising: A Memoir of Faith in Educaiton (1997)

James Herndon.  The Way if Spozed to be  (1965)
James Herndon.  How to Survive in Your Native Land  (1971)
James Holt.  How Children Fail  (1964)
James Holt.  How Children Learn  (1967)
Raymond C. Hummel & John M. Nagel.  Urban Education: Problems and Prospects  (1973)
Bel Kaufman.  Up the Down Staircase  (1965)
James D. Koener.  Who Controls American Education: A Guide for Laymen  (1968)
Herbert Kohl.  36 Children  (1967)
Jonathan Kozol.  Death at an Early Age  (1967)
Arthur D. Morse.  Schools of Tomorrow Today: A Report on Educational Experiments (1960)
National Commission on the Reform of Secondary Education. The Reform of Secondary Education: A Report to the Public and the Profession  (1973)
Ray C. Rist.  The Urban School: A Factory for Failure. A Study of Education in American Society  (1973)
David Rogers.  110 Livingston Street: Politics and Bureaucracy in the New York City School System  (1968)
Peter Schrag.  Voices in the Classroom: Public Schools and Public Attitudes  (1965)
Peter Schrag.  Village School Downtown. Politics and Education: A Boston Report (1967)
Charles Silberman.  Crisis in the Classroom: The Remaking of American Education  (1970)
Lois Stalvey.  The Education of a WASP. (1970)
Bernard C. Watson. Colored, Negro, Black: Chasing the American Dream (1997)