The purpose of this assignment is to introduce you to the variety of people who hold positions at Temple, and the diverse roles they play in all aspects of university life.  Using an interview process, you should become familiar with the job of one such person, and learn about how his or her position contributes to the university and to your experience as a Temple student.

Specific instructions for conducting interviews

Identify your Temple respondent.  Use the Temple website to identify the person you would like to interview.  You may choose someone who is a university officer (for example, the Vice President for Student Affairs), an administrator in a college or school (for example, the Associate Dean of the School of Communications and Theater, or any other school), an athletic coach, or a faculty member.  Your respondent can be someone you have met (for example, an instructor in another course), or someone you would like to meet, or someone from a list provided by the instructor.  Whomever you choose to interview, be sure to identify his or her name, title, exact office location, and e-mail address.  Use the Temple website to find this information.

Make an interview appointment.  Use your Temple e-mail to request an appointment with the person you have selected.  In your introductory e-mail, explain that you are a student in the course on higher education in American society and that you are working on a class assignment to interview a Temple employee.   Please give enough advance notice so that the person is able to find time to schedule the interview.  Confirm the time and place of your interview in a follow-up e-mail. Your goal is to find out as much as you can about that individual’s position and role at Temple. 

Prepare a list of questions.  Prepare your list of questions in advance of meeting the person you interview.   Sample questions might include: What do you do?  How do you spend a typical day? How does your job affect students, either directly or indirectly? Which of your activities do you find most rewarding? What special expertise or degrees are required for this position?  When, and why, did you come to work at Temple?  You may also use information on the person’s department or personal website to prepare your questions. 

Conduct the interview.  The interview should take about 20 (and no more than 30) minutes.  Arrive promptly at the selected time and place (probably the person’s office). Ask your questions clearly, listen carefully to the answers, and take notes during the interview session.  If you don’t understand something that is discussed, ask for clarification.  At the conclusion of the interview, be sure to thank the person for taking the time to talk with you.

Write a short report and post your findings.   After you complete the interview, use your notes as the basis for a short report that highlights your findings.  Be sure to indicate the person’s name and title at the beginning of your report.  When you are satisfied that you have clearly explained your respondent’s job at Temple, post your report on the Discussion Board.  During our class discussion, we will compare differences and similarities among positions at Temple.


Week 10: Identify and contact person to interview and prepare interview questions
Week 11: Conduct the interview
Week 12: Write a short report about the interview and post it on the Discussion Board
Week 12: Participate in our class discussion about people who work at Temple University

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