Course Goals

In this course you will learn about American society by studying its institutions of higher education. America's colleges and universities are truly mirrors to the nation. They reflect the main features of our economic, political, and social systems. In them you will find evidence of homogeneity and diversity, equality and inequality, justice and injustice, freedom and oppression.

This course is designed to enhance your knowledge of American society and strengthen your analytical and communications skills. You will learn to (1) recognize and distinguish among the many different kinds of colleges and universities in the United States (2) appreciate the impact of these institutions on American culture and the impact of American culture on them (3) apply theoretical concepts to the study of American society and its institutions of higher education. You will also learn to (1) gather and use relevant data to make and defend generalizations (2) communicate your ideas to others effectively (3) make the most of your time as an undergraduate student at Temple.



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