WEB ASSIGNMENT NO. 2: Academic Freedom & Tenure

What's going on in American higher education today. To find out use one of the library's resources on contemporary issues in American higher education: either The Chronicle of Higher Education or Inside Higher Education. The Chronicle is the trade paper of American higher education. It's where college faculty and administrators go to find out about the lastest trends. They have been doing this for more than fifty years. Inside Higher Education is an electronic newspaper covering current developments. To access these resources go the Library Guide for this course and select Web Assignment No. 2. A direct link to the Library Guide can be found on the menu bar for this course.

Once you have logged on to either the Chronicle or Inside Higher Education do a search for a recent article on tenure or academic freedom. In your search box you might use one of the following keywords:

Academic Freedom
American Association of University Professors
Academic Bill of Rights
Free Exchange on Campus
David Horowitz

Photocopy the document you have found and then, using a regular 8.5x11" sheet of paper, write a commentary on it. In your commentary answer the following questions: How is this document relevant to the topic of "academic freedom and tenure" in American higher education? What is its main point? What evidence does the author use to defend this point? Staple this commentary to your article and submit them both in class on the assignment date.