WEB ASSIGNMENT NO. 1: College and Universities

Step #1: For this assignment you must pick a college or university and then go to their website. Because they are included in Fieldwork Assignment No. 1 you may not use the following schools for this assignment: Arcadia University, Community College of Philadelphia, Drexel University, LaSalle University, Moore College of Art, Penn State Abington, Philadelphia University, University of Pennsylvania, and Villanova University. What does the school have to say about itself? Is there a virtual tour? If so, take it. How does the school present itself to the outside world? What claims does the school make about itself? Look for information about things like: admissions, academics, campus landmarks, student life, and faculty. Would you like to go to this school? Why? Why not?

Step #2: Now find at least one outside source of information about your school. To get help with this step in this assignment you can go to the Library Guide for the course. A direct link to it can be found on the main menu bar for the course. Select Web Assignment No. 1. You can use an online library resource (journal, database, etc.) or a free website. Does the outside source reveal something new or interesting about your school, in other words something not readily apparent from the school's own website? For example, you might look for information about a controversy or event that exposed a difference of opinion between your school's faculty and administrators. Or you might read about how the faculty handled a problem or crisis. Find out what students really think and say about your school. You might also look for statistics and other hard data that either confirm or refute the school's claims about itself. These are just suggestions. Be creative.

Make a copy of the source and bring it to class. Write a short comment about the website and the source. How do they compare?

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