General Instructions

Select a pair of colleges from the following groupings or create your own pair. If you choose the latter, you must clear the pair of institutions with the instructor:

Group A: University of Pennsylvania and Drexel University
Group B: Arcadia University and Penn State Abington
Group C: Community College of Philadelphia and Philadelphia University or Moore College or Art
Group D: Villanova University and LaSalle University

The colleges and universities represented in these pairings are of different institutional types (e.g selective private). Identify the type and think about what this means for the way these institutions work and what they do. How does it affect their mission? What does it mean for the people who study or work there?

Before you visit these campuses, go online and see if their web site has a "virtual tour". If so, take the tour. Who is the intended audience? Is the tour intended mainly for prospective students, alumni, or the general public? How does the institution present itself to the world in this tour? You might want to compare these tours with the one you can find on Temple's home page. Ask yourself how Temple's tour is similar to or different from the ones at these other instutions.

Next, take a field trip to the main campus of the two institutions in your pairing. If possible, go on a week day when the campuses may be busier than on the weekend. Look around. Is there a place like the Bell Tower at Temple's Main Campus? If so, what does it look like? What is going on there? See if you can find the student center. What does it look like? Are there lots of students inside? Is there any public art on the campus like the Owl statue on Liacouras Walk? What does it tell you about the history and traditions of the institution? Are there athletic arenas on the campus. Where are they and how do they relate to the rest of the campus? Do they dominate the scene? What is security like on campus? Are there many security guards? Is it necessary to have an ID to get into certain buildings? If so, which ones? How does security at these institutions compare with security at Temple?

Finally, stop some one and talk to them about the institution. Tell them where you come from and why you are there. Then find out what they do there. Are they studying? Teaching? Administering? Ask them about their institution. What can they tell you about its history? What role does it play in their lives? Be respectful of those you approach. Don't force youself on anyone but don't be shy either. Most people will gladly speak with you for a few minutes.

Specific Instructions

Go as an individual or, better yet, in a small group. Making it an outing. Divide up the work. Take notes.

Once you have gathered all the information you can about these institutions, write a short report to be posted on Blackboard in week twelve. This report can be submitted by an individual or a group. If the latter, be sure to name all those in the group. This report should tell the class about the kind of institution you visited. Is it young or old? Is it mainly an international, national, regional, or local institution? Is it oriented to teaching or research? What is its mission? Does it have any special majors or programs? What role does it play in Philadelphia's higher education community?