Choose one of Temple's Philadelphia campuses (1) the Main Campus at Broad and Montgomery (2) the Health Sciences campus at Broad and Ontario (3) the Center City campus at Broad and Market (4) the Ambler campus in Montgomery County. Then select a buidling on that campus for your inventory. It could be one of many different kinds of buildings: academic building, athletic arena, student services building, administration building, etc.

Take the following steps and ask yourself the following questions.

First, look at the building itself. Does it have a name? What is the name and what is its significance? If it is named for a person, who was he or she? There may be a picture or painting of that person in the building foyer. Look for one. If it is named for a function, what is it? When do you suppose the building was built? For what purpose was it built? Could that function have changed over time?

Next, find the main entrance and locate the display case that lists the people, programs, services, and/or departments housed in the building. What does it say? Who lives in this building? In what way(s) do the people in this building contribute to the work of Temple University? How do they support the university's teaching, research, and/or service activities? Are the people who use this building students, faculty, and/or administrators? Is there a security guard at the entrance of this building? What does the presence or absence of such a person say about it?

Finally, look around. What kinds of facilities does it provide? Offices, classrooms, meeting or performance rooms, storage space, cafeterias? If there are offices, what functions do they perform? Make a list of the different kinds of activities that go on in this building and ask yourself how they contribute to the work of Temple University. You might also look at how the people in the building are dressed? Are they in business attire or dressed more casually? If there are offices in the building, are there any posters, pictures etc. on the office doors? What do they say?


Can you identify the buildings or locations below? Look for clues. The first person or group (up to four persons) to identify the building in Image One will get a 2 point bonus on the first preliminary examination (each member of the team will get the bonus); the first person or team to identify the building in Image Two will get a three point bonus on the first preliminary examination. The first person or team to identify the location of Image Three will get a five point bonus on the first preliminary examination. Please submit your answers to Discussion Board on Blackboard.

What can we learn from these images about the history of Temple University? Please address this question when you submit your answer on Blackboard.

Image One

Image Two

Image Three