The University of Chicago's Stagg Field circa 1911

Columbia University's Campus circa 1900

Mirror to a Nation: Higher Education and American Society

As a young person in America today, you planned to go to college.  But why?  What role will college and in particular, Temple University play in your life?  This course will help you reflect on and answer this important question by teaching you about the relationship between higher education and American society. 

What do colleges and universities contribute to our lives?  They are, of course, places for teaching and learning.  They are also research centers, sports and entertainment venues, sources of community pride and profit, major employers, settings for coming-of-age rituals, and institutions that create lifetime identities and loyalties.  In “Mirror to a Nation” you will learn how colleges and universities work and how they serve their various constituencies.

You will learn how higher education has been and still is shaped by the larger society and how, in turn, it has shaped and continues to shape that society. You will learn how colleges and universities reflect and refract the major issues and values of the time. By taking this course you will be better prepared for the world in which you have chosen to live for the next few years. 

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