Use one or more of these study questions to help you think and write about this reading assignment.

Lucy Larcom, Forward by Nancy Cott, A New England Girlhood: Outlined from Memory (First published in 1889, Reprinted, 1986).

1. What were Lucy Larcom's most vibrant childhood memories?  Why?

2. How important was God in her childhood?

3. How important was education in her childhood?

4. What did childhood mean for her?  For her time?

5. What did education mean for her? For her time?

6. If this is a gendered account of a "New England girlhood," what makes it so?

7. What role did work play in Lucy Larcom's life?  Why?

8. If you could interview Lucy Larcom today, what would you ask her?  What did reading this book teach you about what to ask your interviewee?