Dobereiner Lab


The research in the Dobereiner group is principally in the area of organotransition metal catalysis. Catalysis plays a role in many areas of academic and industrial activity. Increased awareness of the importance of “green chemistry” has renewed interest in finding new catalytic routes to chemical compounds, because catalysts can reduce the overall environmental impact of a chemical reaction.

Major discoveries in organometallic chemistry have made substantial contributions to organic synthesis, and we hope to contribute to this area. Our major objective is to discover new methods for the catalytic formation of C-C and C-O bonds. Insights from the inorganic and organometallic research in our group will be used to develop synthetic methodology. Both inorganic and organic chemistry play a major role in our studies, providing students the opportunity to develop a variety of laboratory skills.

Dobereiner Lab, Temple University
Beury Hall, 1901 N. 13th St., Philadelphia, PA 19122