Kaveh Laksari



Postdoc, Bioengineering, Stanford University (2014-present).

Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, Temple University (2014).

M.S.E., Mechanical Engineering, Temple University (2009).

B.Sc., Mechanical Engineering, University of Tehran (2003).

Research interests:

Injury biomechanics, Traumatic brain injury, Thoracic aortic injury

Finite element modeling, Fluid-solid interaction, Reduced-order modeling, Material characterization of biological tissues, Nonlinear viscoelasticity, Smart medical devices, Protective equipment design


I am currently a post-doctoral scholar at Stanford University, Department of Bioengineering. My current research focuses on understanding how  sudden motions of the head, in the absence of direct contact, could lead to “mild” traumatic brain injury. At CamarilloLab, we use a combination of computational and experimental approaches to study the biomechanics of this devastating injury and link our results to clinical outcomes. I am passionate about utilizing  and applying my training in mechanical engineering in the field of biomedical engineering in order to protect and promote human health. My research is at the exciting intersection of engineering and human health, where I utilize engineering design and accurate biofidelic modeling to improve smart biomedical devices for better prevention, diagnosis and treatment of human disease.


Smart biomedical devices




I will be moving to University of Arizona in fall 2017 and am actively looking for PhD students and postdocs. Please contact me if interested.