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I am an outsider artist working mostly in Literature and Filmmaking, although recently I have been experimenting with freelance alcoholic drink design and performance art (sometimes trying to speak like a prophet, sometimes telling fibs just to "see what happens."). I have designed this website to assemble all of the recent blogbuzz and mainstream press attention I am honored to have garnered as of late, and most importantly to establish credibility for purposes of getting money. I live in an extremely large "unconverted" warehouse in Philadelphia with medium reserves of cultural capital accrued from formerly hosting some modestly well-known musical acts.

Please do not let my transparency confuse you. I am not kidding or being ironic and this is not performance art, unless true life can be performance art, which it can, but let's not get bogged down in aesthetic theory. It is true: I am an outsider artist with no training whatsoever but only an irrepressible desire to destroy everything that currently exists and do everything over again better. If I just do this, and I am doing it currently, then I'm a true artist, genius, revolutionary, and God himself.

At the beginning of this summer I was just an ordinary PhD student studying not Art with a modest monthly stipend. But during the first month of the summer when I began running out of stipend money, I had started writing a book of fiction and making a film and using drugs and just generally doing anything I wanted because I had just enough money to do so. Then I realized that all of my friends were artists and it is easy to be an artist if you just make stuff, don't suck at it, and do everything else, too. I suddenly learned that my real passion in life is just doing anything I want, doing and creating everything I can think of that is good, without having to work a job but while also being rich, not just in spirit but literally rich in money. (Although I don't care at all about money, which is why people have begun to just give it to me. Please see my writings/lectures for more on this point, which has confused many.)

That is how I became an artist and that is what I believe art is. It is doing anything you want that is true and good, no matter what, never obeying a single law of any kind, and not having to work a job but still being rich, not just in spirit but in money, although you really would not mind even being homeless. I believe that if you just do everything you want to do and do it just absolutely well and you tell the truth about everything then that is true Art. The real thing is just to do everything and never ask permission and just do it really well because you can do it, because that is genius and genius is the only goal.

-Barclay Shields
Philadelphia, 2011

Debut Great American Novel in Progress

Some Short Pieces

Abraham and Hagar are Very Okay Now, with Anne Malkovich Malkovich

Two Young Adults Meet in Barnes & Noble But Never Hang Out and Then She Follows Him on Twitter, with Aria Alamalhodaei

An Inspired Consumer Reviews the City of Philadelphia on

Lecture on Aesthetics, Religion, and Politics
Omnispectra (Trailer) previews my upcoming feature-length film in progress, my most ambitious project yet. Justin talks a lot and Anne is quiet. Anne does not like Justin. Anne does not talk a lot and does not like Justin because when the film begins they are still living under bourgeois capitalism. But in the end, they both learn that DJ nights are reactionary libidinal cathexes and they fall in deep like for one another after Anne learns about the theory of armed struggle and being an artist and not working.

Open Bar Tender is my second and most recent film. It is about alienation, open bars / freeganism, exploitation, the self-absorption of the artist, and the relationship between politics and art. Also, the most definitive statement of the core principles guiding what one critic has called "lazycore" cinema. 24 minutes.

International Relations, my first film, introduces the world to Kostya Fomin. A documentary about an undocumented immigrant from Russia coming of age or something like that in Philadelphia DIY culture. 18 minutes.

Unforgettable Epiphany is a very short experimental piece about living in a large room at The Ox, Philadelphia. Just a few seconds.
In July of 2011, anti-DJ Gregg Dupp and I proposed a radical addition to the bar menu of The Barbary, Philadelphia's premier hipster dance venue and salon. We were commissioned on the spot to elucidate further the nature of our proposed drink addition, the "Red Russian." Unsettled by the ideological bias of serving only decadent, tasty, milky bourgeois "White Russians," we proposed a radical and revolting vegan alternative: vodka, coffee, cranberry juice, and grenadine. The Barbary instantly sold about 20!

Web Presence

Slightly confused but positive review of some of my work: "Yelp reviewer gives the not-yet-open Union Transfer a five-star rating in scathing, profanity-laced tirade"

Interview with Philadelphia Daily News: "600 cyclists pulled over since start of crackdown"

"Epic first comment." - corporatehuman, commentator

"The quote from Justin Murphy just makes us responsible cyclists look so bad." - calbear81, commentator

"Not all fixed gear riders are douches like that guy." - beepbopborp, commentator

"Ass punk." - anon

"I bet justin murphy has a kick ass beard." - Trint, commentator

"You're DOMINATING." - Marshall Kavanaugh, musician, writer, curator

"Obviously, Justin Murphy's Mummy & Daddy never made him obey ANY rules, so why should he obey the rules of society? You do what you want, Justin -- 'cause you're special!" — Barbouze, commentator

"seems long-winded for being sarcastic.." - Jason A. Cox, commentator

"Justin." - Wil Hannan, DJ, former musician

"I would like a t-shirt that says 'I RSVP'ed to Underwater Moonlight and all I got was entry into an exclusive libidinal cathexis.'" - Suzanne Bryson, Arrow Swim Club Supporter, referring to Freudo-Marxist theory I expounded

"again, like I said in real life to your faces: I don't question your intentions (I agree that DJ culture is vapid) but your methods (nobody listens to your whiny faux-intellectual facebook rhetoric anyway.)" - Andy Molholt, musician

"I don't think I've ever even used the word "revolutionary" before." - Shavana Green (after using the word "revolutionary" after a Shields film screening).

"Now that I think about it, I don't think I really like DJ culture that much, either." - Erika Mitchell (after a Shields film screening)

"Something altogether departing from mumblecore, more like lazycore." - Gregory William Johnson, painter, anti-DJ, critic

"I'd watch, twice." - Verbatum Jones

"tried to write you a message about it but were too, ah, drunk and tired.... i'm pretty sure if anyone were going to "own" the city, you have a better chance than most." - Stephanie Kay V

"I would like to be Abraham's interior decorator. I can do a lot with paneling." - Jody Woll Wenzel, while reading a magazine upside down.