“The Music of Matthew Greenbaum” Centaur

    Psalter: Joyce Castle/Parnassus

    Prospect Retrospect for cello and piano: Fred Sherry/Blair McMillen 

    from A Floating Island: Network for New Music

    Castelnau for string quartet: The Momenta Quartet

    Elegy: David Holzman, piano

    Untimely Observations, for viola and piano: Stephanie Griffin/Blair McMillen

Nod Quiet Ox for oboe and piano. Fabian Menzel and Bernhard Endres. Antes/Bella Musica 

Amulet, for piano solo.  David Holzman, Centaur CRC 2291

Mischsprache, for piano and electronic sounds: David Holzman, CRI SD 538

Chamber Music, for flute, cello and piano:  The Contemporary Trio CRI SD 513



 L'homme approximatif (2006) for soprano, viola and computer-generated sound
           23 May 2006 "Approximate Man: the Music of Matthew Greenbaum" at the Chelsea Art Museum
                Re'ut Ben-Ze'ev, Stephanie Griffin:

(2006) for English horn, violin, cello, banjo and guitar
           23 May 2006 "Approximate Man: the Music of Matthew Greenbaum" at the Chelsea Art Museum  
                The Cygnus Ensemble       

for piano (2005).  Blair McMillen, piano
            23 May 2006 "Approximate Man: the Music of Matthew Greenbaum" at the Chelsea Art Museum

24 April 2005 Bloomingdale House of Music NYC

4 May 2005 The Italian Academy at Columbia University

Castelnau (2002) for string quartet

The Momenta Quartet

December 16, 2005: Symphony Space (NYC)

April 8, 2003: Rock Hall, Temple U. Philadelphia
                March 4, 2002: Galapagos Brooklyn NY

Squire Allworthy’s Menuetto for cello and guitar (2005)

The Claremont Duo: Schloss Horst, Germany 18 March 2005 (world premiere)

Bargemusic NYC 31 March 2005

Bargemusic NYC 1 April  2005

Paper Dissolve (2004) computer-generated sound. SEAMUS 20th Anniversary, Temple U 

            23 May 2006 "Approximate Man: the Music of Matthew Greenbaum" at the Chelsea Art Museum

Wild Rose, Lily, Dry Vanilla (2004) for soprano, flute, oboe, violin, cello, guitar and banjo

The Cygnus Ensemble/Haleh Abgheri

May 13, 2004: NY Society for Ethical Culture

May 12, 2004:  Sarah Lawrence College

Sweet Siren (2004) for viola, baritone saxophone and piano

The  Glaux Ensemble

April 12, 2004: Haverford College PA

March 22, 2004: Symphony Space NYC            

March 21, 2004: Rock Hall, Temple U. Phila

To Anselm Kiefer (2003) for piano trio

March 14 2003: The Parnassus Ensemble, CUNY Graduate Center NYC

Untimely Obervations (2002) for viola and piano

Stephanie Griffin and Blair McMillen

April 10, 2003: League of Composers/ISCM, Americas Society NYC

April 22, 2003 Temple U. Philadelphia

May 22, 2002: Paul Hall, Juilliard School of Music

Prospect Retrospect (2002) for cello and piano

October 13, 2002: Fred Sherry and Stephen Gosling, Kaufman Hall NYC

Per Viola Sola (2001)

Stephanie Griffin, JakArt 2001 Festival: Jakarta, Indonesia

Meloi (2001) for English horn, bassoon, trumpet, violin, viola, cello and guitar

The Parnassus Ensemble: May 1, 2001 Kosciusko Foundation NYC

The War Between the Mice and Frogs (2000) for cello solo

  Da Capo Chamber Players/André Emilianov

January 28, 2003: Kaufman Concert Hall NYC

Sonic Boom/Christopher Finckel

October 20, 2000 Cooper Union NYC

Mute Dance (2000) for solo guitar

Oren Fader/The Cygnus Ensemble

December 11, 2002: New York Society for Ethical Culture

December 4, 2002: Sarah Lawrence College

Dance Moments (2000) for flute and piano

Ensemble Surplus 

June 28, 2004 E:Werk, Freiburg

July 3, 2004 MDR Festival Leipzig

New York New Music Ensemble

December 8, 2002 Fullerton Friends of Music, Fullerton Callifornia

Sepetember 11, 2002 Biblioteca Angel Arango, Bogota Colombia

April 23, 2002 Symphony Space, NYC

Temple University Faculty Trio: March 23, 2000 Rock Hall, Temple U. Philadelphia

New York Flute Club: December 15 2002, CAMI Hall NYC

A Floating Island (2000) chamber opera

April 1, 2001: Masahito Sugihara and others, Northwestern U.

Cygnus Ensemble netcast

Network for New Music “The Music of Matthew Greenbaum”

May 3, 2000: Christ & St. Stephen’s Church NYC

April 16, 2000: Rock Hall, Temple U. Philadelphia

Monologues (1999) for narrator and piano
        23 May 2006 "Music of Matthew Greenbaum" at the Chelsea Art Museum  

Network for New Music “The Music of Matthew Greenbaum”

May 3, 2000: Christ & St. Stephen’s Church NYC

April 16, 2000: Rock Hall, Temple U. Philadelphia


Crossing Brooklyn Ferry (1996) for baritone and bass clarinet, horn, vibraphone, horn, and string trio

The Parnassus Ensemble/Victor Ledbetter, Merkin Concert Hall, February 26, 1998

Balletti (1998) for percussion solo 

James Preiss, Manhattan School of Music, November 8, 1998

Elegy (1998) for piano solo  

David Holzman

November 8, 2002: C. W. Post College NY

February 8, 1999: William Paterson University NJ 

May 7, 1998: Tel Aviv University

March 16, 1998: Christ & St. Stephen’s Church NYC

Three Little Symphonies (1998) for two saxophones

Swope Hall, West Chester U. PA April 16 2004

Ovidiana (1996), chamber opera  

Network for New Music:

May 4, 1997, Temple U. Philadelphia

May 5, 1997, Dicapo Opera Theater NYC

Into the Clefts of Streets (1996) for clarinet/bass clarinet cello, piano and marimba 

New York New Music Ensemble,  Merkin Hall, NY February24, 1997

East River (1996) for violin and piano

  Curt Macomber, James Winn, recital

Washington Square Chamber Music Society. Merkin Hall March 22, 1999

Settlement School Contemporary Players, Philadelphia November 2, 1997

Spherical Music (1995) for piano and chamber orchestra

Riverside Symphony/Christopher Taylor       

      February 8, 2002: Alice Tully Hall, NYC

Riverside Symphony International Composers Readings: June 18 2001


  Orchestra 2001/Charles Abramovic

March 29, 1996  Swarthmore College, PA

March 31, 1996 Philadelphia Museum of Art

Andante Cantabile (1995) for violin and string orchestra

Nina Beilina, vl/Greenbaum cond. with Bachanalia Festival Orchestra 

    April 6, 1995 Alice Tully Hall, NYC

Nod Quiet Ox (1994) for oboe and piano

June 4, 2003: Fabian Menzel and Bernhard Endres, Musikhochschule Nürenberg

March 23 2000: The Fromm Players at Harvard

The Parnassus Ensemble

October 30, 1999: U. Pittsburgh 

     October 26, 1999: Rock Hall, Temple U. Philadelphia

        The League/ISCM/Marcia Butler: Weill Recital Hall NYC, February 21, 1995

Split Voice (1994) for double orchestra

Winner, Riverside Symphony International Reading: January 22, 1995.

Enharmonicon (1994) for clarinet, trumpet and violin

 The Parnassus Ensemble

NYC October 6, 1994: Merkin Concert Hall

October 8, 1994: Rock Hall, Temple U. Philadelphia

on the river the shadowy group (1993) for baritone saxophone and piano

Marshall Taylor and Charles Abramovic

January 22 2001: “Genealogies,“ Manhattan School of Music 

  Network for New Music “The Music of Matthew Greenbaum”

  May 3 2000: Christ & St. Stephen’s Church NYC

       April 16 2000: Rock Hall, Temple U. Philadelphia

       April 11 1994: Free Library of Philadelphia

       November 13 1992: Network for New Music, Rock Hall,  Temple U, Philadelphia

Psalter (1992) for mezzo-soprano, alto flute, English horn, string trio, harp and piano

The Parnassus Ensemble /Joyce Castle

New York Society for Ethical Culture: September 3, 1992

Network for New Music/Christine Schadeberg

Settlement School, Philadelphia April 24 1992

Fourth Book of Motions (1992) for soprano saxophone and electronic sounds

Network for New Music: “The Music of Matthew Greenbaum”

            Christ & St. Stephen’s Church NYC: May 3 2000

Network for New Music: “The Music of Matthew Greenbaum”

          Network for New Music, Rock Hall, Temple U. Philadelphia: April 16 2000

  Patrick Zimmerli, Slosberg Hall, Brandeis U. November 19, 1992

Amulet (1990) for piano solo

Anthony DeMare:

      December 9, 1992: WNYC-Radio, Around New York 

Randall Hodgkinson:

      February 3, 1992: Lehman Hall, Harvard University 

      January 28,1992: University of New Hampshire

David Holzman:

  November 12 1996: Ethical Society of Philadelphia

  Darmstadt Summer Festival 1994

     Leningrad Spring Festival 1991

  October 9, 1990: Merkin Concert Hall, NYC

  November 15, 1990: Arizona State University

  November 13, 1990Southwest Texas Contemporary Music Festival

  Kathleen Supové:

     April 1, 1992: Extension Works, Boston,

Second Book of Motions (1989), for orchestra and electronic sound

Houston Symphony Orchestra, ASOL Readings, May 17, 1989

First Book of Motions (1987) for pre-recorded electronic sound

December 5, 1991: St. Petersburg Conservatory, USSR

Nov. 4, 1987: Composers Resources, Atlanta

Oct. 17, 1987: Contemporary Directions Ensemble, University of Michigan, 

Mischsprache (1986), for piano and electronic sound

Marc-André Hamelin,  Network for New Music, Philadelphia, May 7, 1988

Commedia (1986) for trumpet, trombone, tuba, violin, viola, cello, double bass, piano and harp

The Parnassus Ensemble 

Benefit Concert, Ethical Culture Society, NYC:  October2, 1991

Merkin Hall, NYC:  March19, 1987

Contemporary Directions Ensemble, U. of Michigan

Ann Arbor:  October 17, 1987 

Rondeau (1981) for recorder, lute and viol

Het Queekoven Ensemble:

Holland, December 9, 1981: Stadsschouwburg, Arnhem,

December 3,1981: Doelen kleine zaal, Rotterdam

November 27, 1981: Ijsbreker, Rotterdam,

Notker's Tale (1980) for clarinet, horn, string trio, marimba and two gongs

SMS Players, Settlement School, Phila. May 4, 1989

The Composers Conference, Johnson, VT: August 12, 1981

Chamber Music (1980) for flute, cello and piano

League/ISCM, Carnegie Recital Hall, December 8, 1984

WNYC Radio, New Sounds, December. 7, 1984

Washington Square Chamber Music Series, March 4, 1982

The Contemporary Trio

December 5, 1980: Cooper Union New Music Forum,  NYC

March 11 1980: Goucher College 

Aria #4 (1977) for harp solo

Alyssa Hess

International Harp Week 1977, The Hague 

December 14, 1977 Resonance, The CUNY Grad Center, NYC 

Aria #2 (1976) for cello solo

Maxine Neuman:  

March15, 1981: Gymnasium Marianum, Warburg, West Germany

August 12, 1977: WNYC Radio NYC:  Young Concert Artists

July 16, 1977: WQXR Radio NYC:  Artists in Concert

Aria #1 (1976) for violin and piano

Group for Contemporary Music, May 16, 1977

The Composers Conference, August 10, 1976

Two Chaconnes (1974) for flute, cello and piano

The Walden Trio: The Phillips Collection, Washington DC, December 8, 1975


Joan Evans (performance artist): The Woman Whose Feet are Backwards, electronic score:  

Stella Adler Institute NYC 1994

Alabama Shakespeare Festival (various: 1985-87)


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