by Leonard Swidler

A Bridge to Buddhist-Christian Dialogue
by Seiichi Yagi and Leonard Swidler

After the Absolute
The Dialogical Future of Religious Reflection

Aufklärung Catholicism 1780-1850
Liturgical and Other Reforms in the Catholic Aufklärung

Biblical Affirmations of Woman

Bishops and People
By Members of the Catholic Theological Faculty of Tübingen 
with Bishop Josef Schoiswohl and Leonard Swidler

Buddhism made Plain

Bloodwitness for Peace and Unity
The Life of Max Josef Metzger

Bultmann-Barth and Catholic Theology
by Heinrich Fries
Translation and Introduction
by Leonard Swidler

Bursting the Bonds? A Jewish-Christian Dialogue on Jesus and Paul
Leonard Swidler
Lewis John Eron
Gerard Sloyan
Lester Dean

Catholic-Communist Collaboration  in Italy

Christian Mission and Interreligious Dialogue
Edited by Paul Mojzes and Leonard Swidler

Consensus in Theology?
A Dialogue with Hans Küng and Edward Schillebeeckx 

Der umstrittene Jesus

Die Zukunft der Theologie
im Dialog der Religionen und Weltanschauungen

Freedom in the Church

International Codes Of Business Ethics
And Other Sources of Business Ethics
Edited by
Leonard Swidler

Muslims in Dialogue:The Evolution of A Dialogue

The Church in Anguish: Has the Vatican Betrayed Vatican II?
Edited by Hans Küng and Leonard Swidler

The Ecumenical Vanguard: 
The History of the Una Sancta Movement

The Meaning of Life at the Edge of the Third Millennium

Toward a Catholic Constitution

Toward a Universal Theology of Religion
An Introduction for Christians and Jews

Women in Judaism
The Status of Women in Formative Judaism

The books are very large files which are best viewed at a minimum screen resolution of 1024x768 with Netscape 6.0 or higher. Both Internet Explorer and Netscape 4x cause the appearance of irregular formatting, especially of notes. Please note that these web editions are not identical with the original publications.  Some minor corrections have been made.

Ingrid Shafer

Posted 8 February 2002
last revised 11 July 2010