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Ceiba Ceiba Hindlimb coordination in squirrels during maximum sprints
Principal Investigator    
S. Tonia Hsieh
Curriculum vitae
Tonia Hsieh Perturbation recovery and locomotor control strategies in complex environments

Post-doctoral Researchers

Swapnil Pravin

Swapnil Pravin Foot-ground interactions in granular media
Graduate Students (Ph.D.)

Nicole Mazouchova

Nicole Mazouchova Kinematics of gait transitions when moving across the land-water interface

Janne Pfeiffenberger

Janne Pfeiffenberger Effects of limb loss on locomotor performance in ghost crabs

Liz Tucker

Liz Tucker Compensatory locomotor mechanics following an obscured drop during bipedal locomotion in lizards

Aja Carter (UPenn)

Aja Carter

Obstacle crossing capabilities in cut-spine stem amphibians (Temnospondyli)

Catalina Mantilla (starting Fall 2017!)

Catalina Mantilla Biomechanics of ecomorphs: Exploring within the limbs of anoles and geckos
Undergraduate Students

Winston Coburn

Winston Coburn

Cockroach obstacle crossing

Larry Gardner
(Mechanical Engineering)

Larry Gardner

Target-based control of limb use in cellar spiders

Brooke Quinn
Brooke Quinn

The role of foot flexibility during running

Summer High School Research Interns
Lab Alumni
Michael Fath
M.S., Biology
St. Joseph's University
December 2012
MikeFath Currently: Ph.D. student Tufts University in the Tytell Lab

Formerly: Adjustments to bipedal and quadrupedal limb stiffness in response to changes in surface compliance
Alina Gawlinski Alina Gawlinski

Target-based control of limb use in cellar spiders

Kyle Hovey
B.S., Biology
Pennsylvania State University
May 2014
Kyle Hovey

Currently: Masters student at John Carroll University

Formerly: Effects of limb autotomy on gait choice in wolf spiders

Joon Jung
B.S., Biology
May 2016

Joon Jung

Locomotor responses to unexpected perturbations during bipedal running in basilisk lizards

Dana MacFarlane Dana MacFarlane

Animal Husbandry

Desiree Saraceno Desiree Saraceno

Animal husbandry

Noah Beller
M.S., Kinesiology
Temple University
May 2014
Noah Beller Kinematics of foot use when running on surfaces of different stiffness

Frank Nelson
Curriculum vitae

Frank Nelson

Currently: Adjunct teaching faculty, Temple University

Formerly: Post-doctoral researcher (Neuroplasticity of limb autotomy in tarantulas)

Emily Dabashinsky Emily Dabashinsky

Effects of added weight on running kinematics in ghost crabs

Eric Tran Eric Tran Bouyancy control in semi-aquatic turtles

Elizabeth Szablya
(Biology BS, 2014)

Elizabeth Szablya Kinematics of sand running in ghost crabs
Kyle Mara
Kyle Mara

Currently: adjunct faculty, Temple University

Formerly: Post-doctoral researcher

Vishal Dasari
(Univ of Pennsylvania,
Biology BS 2013)

Vishal Dasari

Currently: Masters student in Physiology, University of Cincinnati

Ally Kessler Ally Kessler

Currently: Rutgers New Brunswick animal science major

Dallas Malzi
(Biology BS, 2013)

Dallas Malzi

Currently: Medical student, Temple University

Matt Schmoyer
(Biology BS, 2013)

Dallas Malzi

Currently: Software developer at 50onRed (Philadelphia)

Formerly: lizardbase database management

Yu Liang
(CIS Masters, 2013)

Yu Liang

Currently: Software engineer at Amazon (Seattle, WA)

Formerly: website developer

Sachin Parikh (BS, 2012)
Sachin Parikh Inverted running in cockroaches
John Kemmey
  Animal husbandry
Lyndsay Taylor
  Animal husbandry

Cherice Smithers
(2009, UF)

Cherice Smithers

Character displacement and niche shifts due to invasion-induced competition in Anolis lizards

Formerly: Lab Manager
Currently: Natural Resource Advisor at Matrix New World Engineering

Kevin Carbonell (2011, UF)

Kevin Carbonell

Elastic energy storage and power production during jumping in frogs

Currently: Nova Southeastern University College of Dental Medicine

Chris Grassa
(2010, UF)

Functional and comparative genomics: rates of genome evolution in vertebrates

Currently: working in Dr. Loren Rieseberg's lab at the University of British Columbia

Tristan Hensley
(2010, UF)

Tristan Hensley

Morphology and adhesive mechanism of anole lizard toe pads

Currently: College of Dentistry at the University of Florida

Israel Salazar
Israel Salazar

Effects of perch diameter on locomotor control in anole ecomorphs

Currently: Florida Institute of Technology

Amanda Ropp (2009, UF)
Amanda Ropp Currently: Freelance scientific illustration
Judith Misas (2009, UF)
  Currently: Nursing Program -- University of Florida
Former High School Students
Joe Bondi
(Conestoga High School)
Currently: Undergraduate at Northeastern University (Class of 2018)
Formerly: Kinematics of foot use when running on complex surfaces
(Summer 2014)
Amber Dai
(Agnes Irwin High School)
Graduating Spring 2015
Kinematics of water-land transitions in turtles
(Summer 2013, 2014)
Laura Dallara
(Agnes Irwin School)
Graduating Spring 2015
Limb use in running crabs
(Summer 2013)

Alina Gawlinski
(Hatboro-Horsham High School)

Limb kinematics of running ghost crabs
(Summer 2012)

Kunj Shroff
(Deerfield Beach High School)

Kunj Shroff Bergmann's cline in green anole lizards
(Summer 2009)