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22 January 2016

The Hsieh lab is excited to welcome its youngest, and newest member yet! Tonia gave birth to Sydney Fei-Li Armstrong at 8:50PM, weighing in at a hefty 5 lb, 15 oz. Mother, daughter, and father are all doing excellently.

3-7 January 2016

The Hsieh lab storms Portland, OR for the annual Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology conference! Kudos to Aja Carter, Michael Fath, Nicole Mazouchova, and Janne Pfeiffenberger for giving engaging poster and oral presentations!

12 November 2015

Our manuscript entitled, "Tail loss and narrow surfaces decrease locomotor stability in the arboreal green anole lizard (Anolis carolinensis)" is accepted for publication at The Journal of Experimental Biology. Anticipated publication date: February 2016!

8 November 2015

Tonia Hsieh is given the Temple University William Caldwell Memorial Distinguished Teaching Award at the 2015 Distinguished Faculty Awards Ceremony!

7 November 2015

The Hsieh lab attends the first annual Northeast Regional DVM/DCB conference, held at the New Jersey Institute of Technology! Students Larry Gardner, Nicole Mazouchova, and Janne Pfeiffenberger present their research results.

8 September 2015

Tonia Hsieh is awarded a 3-year, $498K NSF NRT grant (DGE-1545309) as a co-PI to complete the project, "NRT-IGE: Innovating Graduate STEM Education Through Bio-Social Partnerships". This grant is being led by Dr. Allison Hayes-Conroy from the Department of Geography and Urban Studies at Temple University!

19 August 2015

Tonia Hsieh is awarded a 5-year, $991K CAREER grant from NSF (IOS-1453106) to complete the project, "The Multi-functional Foot and its Role in Locomotor Control Across a Range of Complex Media"!

11 August 2015

Tonia Hsieh and collaborator Dr. Daniel Szyld (Dept of Mathematics) are awarded a 2-year grant for $100,000 through Temple University's Office of the Vice President of Research Administration (OVPR) Matching Funds Program to complete the project: "Understanding Deformation Patterns of Suspensions and Granular Material"!

16-17 July 2015

Tonia Hsieh presented a talk at the RSS 2015 workshop on Robotic Uses for Tails in Rome, Italy, titled, "Impacts of Tail Loss and Surface Breadth on Running Stability in a Tree-Dwelling Lizard".

11 May 2015

Tonia Hsieh gave a talk at Science on Tap at the National Mechanics bar in Old City. There was strong attendance by more than 120 people!

16 April 2015

Undergraduates Larry Gardner and Alina Gawlinski present their research findings at the prestigious annual Temple University Research Forum (TURF)!

16 March 2015

Dr. Eric Tytell (Tufts University) gives the Biology Department's weekly seminar on "Neuromechanics and Energetics of Unsteady Locomotion in Fishes".
Graduate student Catalina Mantilla arrives for a three day visit to the lab, from Florida International University, where she is working on her Ph.D. with Dr. Phil Stoddard as her advisor.

29-30 January 2015

Tonia Hsieh attends the NSF-funded Neuromechanics Winter Workshop she co-organized with Dr. Eric Tytell (Tufts University), held this year in New Orleans. Many thanks to all the great discussions and fascinating presentations!

3-7 January 2015

The Hsieh lab attends the SICB conference, held this year in West Palm Beach, Florida.

21 January 2014

Welcome back, Temple! First day of the spring semester begins, bringing new courses AND new faces. The Hsieh Lab is pleased to welcome Larry Gardner and Alina Gawlinski as new undergraduate researchers, as well as Noah Beller, a Kinesiology masters student, who will bring a more human perspective to the lab!

3-7 January 2014

Hsieh Lab invades Austin, TX, for the annual Society of Integrative and Comparative Biology conference. Janne Pfeiffenberger presents a splendid talk on the effects of limb autotomy on running performance in free-range ghost crabs. Read the abstract here!

1 July 2013

Graduate student Nicole Mazouchova's Masters research results are featured in NSF's Science Now, Episode 14! This research was completed in Dr. Dan Goldman's Crab Lab at Georgia Tech.

23 May 2013

A paper on terrestrial locomotion in teleost fishes, co-authored by Alice Gibb (NAU), Miriam Ashley-Ross (Wake Forest), and Tonia Hsieh, is now available as Advance Access in Integrative and Comparative Biology. Read the paper here.

20-24 May 2013

The Hsieh Lab is thrilled to welcome three new talented undergraduate researchers: Emily Dabashinsky, Eric Tran, and Raphael Nwanguma!

12-16 May 2013

Undergraduates Vishal Dasari, Dallas Malzi, and Matt Schmoyer fledge the lab. Congratulations on your graduation and good luck! We miss you!! Watch the Alumni section of the People page for updates on their whereabouts!

9 May 2013

The introduction to the vertebrate water-land transition symposium is published in Integrative and Comparative Biology as Advance Access. See the paper through the ICB website here.

23 April 2013

Graduate student Nicole Mazouchova's paper, "Flipper driven terrestrial locomotion of a sea turtle inspired robot", is published in Bioinspiration & Biomimetics! See the paper here. You can also see all the hub-bub on the airwaves about her work here.

12 February 2013

Graduate student Nicole Mazouchova is awarded the Archie Carr Student Award for best student presentation at the International Sea Turtle Society Conference, held this year in Baltimore, MD! Her winning talk is titled: "Effects of granular incline angle on the locomotion of loggerhead sea turtle hatchlings (Caretta caretta) in the field". Congratulations, Nicole!!

27 January 2013

One of the Hsieh lab's founding undergraduates (who continued on to complete a Masters degree in Computer Science), and webmaster for lizardbase Yu Liang has accepted a job with Amazon in Seattle. We are sad to see him go, but SO PROUD of his incredible accomplishments while a member of the Hsieh Lab and lizardbase. Congratulations, Yu, and we wish you all the best!!

3-7 January 2013

The Hsieh Lab headed to San Francisco for the annual SICB conference. Drs. Frank Nelson and Kyle Mara, and graduate students Nicole Mazouchova, and Janne Pfeiffenberger presented their research findings. Collaborators Drs. Chen Li, Daniel Goldman, and Paul Umbanhowar presented data showing how zebra-tailed lizards use water-like running dynamics on sand. Members of the Anolis Collaborative (led by undergraduate Inbar Maayan) presented a poster on the evolutionary genetics of divergent locomotor strategies in Panamanian anoles. Dr. Tonia Hsieh and collaborators (Alice Gibb [NAU], Miriam Ashley-Ross [Wake Forest], and Rick Blob [Clemson]) led a society-wide symposium on vertebrate water-land transitions.

22 August 2012

"Multi-functional foot use in the zebra-tailed lizard (Callisaurus draconoides)" a study completed in collaboration with Dr. Daniel Goldman and UC Berkeley Miller Fellow Dr. Chen Li, is published online in The Journal of Experimental Biology. Check out the cover for this issue, too!

15 August 2012

A hearty welcome to new Hsieh Lab graduate students Nicole Mazouchova and Janne Pfeiffenberger, who arrived in Philadelphia today and will be joining the entering class for fall 2012!

7 August 2012

See the trailer here by super film-makers Ben Lieberman, Ben Webb, and Patrick Blake about research in the Hsieh Lab. The full-length film should be completed at the end of this month!

23 June 2012

Dr. Tonia Hsieh returns from a very successful field expedition to Panama as a part of ongoing collaborations with colleagues at Arizona State University, examining patterns and consequences of tail loss in natural populations of anole lizards. They were fortunate enough to collect three extremely difficult-to-find species: Anolis capito, A. pentaprion, and A. vitterigus! DNA from these and other specimens are now housed in the Kusumi Lab. Photos of these and other trip highlights coming soon to the gallery.

26 April 2012

Dr. Tonia Hsieh and her research team are featured as the cover story in the Spring Issue of Temple Magazine! Download the issue here!

6 April 2012
Congratulations to undergraduate researcher Elizabeth Szablya for being awarded a CARAS Grant to support her summer 2012 lab and field research!

February 2012

Dr. Frank Nelson joins the Hsieh Lab as an Adjunct Faculty Member/Research Associate. Welcome, Frank!!

3-7 January 2012

The Hsieh lab goes to Charleston, SC for the annual Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology meeting. Undergraduate Sachin Parikh, post-doc Dr. Kyle Mara and Dr. Tonia Hsieh all presented on our research findings. Dr. Rob Kulathinal presented our latest progress for lizardbase, and Elizabeth Hutchins from collaborator Dr. Kenro Kusumi's lab at Arizona State University presented results on the genomic basis for muscle mass divergence among anole lizards.

22 November 2011

Congratulations to undergraduate researcher Dallas Malzi for being awarded a CARAS Grant to support his continued research during the Spring 2012 semester. Congratulations, also, to Sachin Parikh for being awarded travel funds to attend the Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology Conference in January, to be held in Charleston, SC.
20 November 2011

The Hsieh Lab research on slip recovery in bipedally-running lizards is featured in Temple University News.

30 September 2011

Congratulations to undergraduate researcher Sachin Parikh for honorable mention for his poster presentation on the mechanics of upside-down running in cockroaches at the annual Undergraduate Research Program (URP) Research Symposium.
26 September 2011
Undergraduate Sachin Parikh is featured front and center in Temple News for his work in the university's Undergraduate Research Program (URP).

7 September 2011
First day of classes at Temple! The Hsieh Lab is excited to welcome new undergraduate Elizabeth Szablya to the lab. Welcome, Elizabeth!

26 August 2011
"A highly social, land-dwelling fish defends territories in a constantly fluctuating environment", a behavioral study on sociality and territoriality of the Pacific leaping blenny, is published online in the journal Ethology.

15 April 2011
Ally Kessler joins the Hsieh Lab as our newest undergraduate member. Welcome to the lab, Ally!

16 March 2011

Undergraduate Sachin Parikh is awarded the prestigious Creative Arts, Research and Scholarship (CARAS) Grant to fund his summer research in the lab.

24 February 2011

Dr. Tonia Hsieh gives the opening keynote address at the 2011 CUR Dialogues Conference in Washington D.C.

16 February 2011

A blog post entitled, "Leapin' Blennies" by Kelsey Abbot at Mauka to Makai, wins Blog Pick of the Month. The entry summarizes Hsieh Lab findings about terrestrial locomotion in the Pacific Leaping Blenny, published last June in PLoS One.

3-7 January 2011

The Hsieh lab goes to Salt Lake City for the annual Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology meeting. Cherice Smithers and Dr. Tonia Hsieh presented posters on morphological effects of species invasions on green anoles and to unveil lizardbase to the scientific community. Dr. Kyle Mara presented his findings on hammerhead shark feeding biomechanics, the subject of his graduate thesis. Chen Li, from Dr. Dan Goldman's lab at Georgia Tech presented collaborative research results on how surface properties affect foot use in the zebra-tail lizard.

26 October 2010

Dr. Tonia Hsieh and former undergraduate advisor Dr. Robert J. Full (UC Berkeley) brief Capitol Hill on the transformative educational role of undergraduate research in a plea to increase funding support for undergraduate research activities. The Congressional Briefing was organized by the Council for Undergraduate Research.

21 October 2010

Post-doc Dr. Kyle Mara presents his research on shark morphology and feeding behaviors at Allegheny College

8 September 2010

Hsieh Lab welcomes two new undergraduate members: Dallas Malzi and Sachin Parikh!

23 August 2010

Dr. Kyle Mara joins the lab as a post-doctoral researcher. Welcome Kyle!!

20 August 2010

Lab renovations are complete! Lab members start bulking up for the lab move into our new space.

18 June 2010

"Locomotor innovation enables water-land transition in a marine fish" is published at PLoS ONE, and can be downloaded here.

9 June 2010

The Hsieh Lab receives a high-speed, six-camera, auto-tracking system (Raptor-E) from Motion Analysis Corporation. Dustin Hatfield spends three grueling (but exciting!) days training us on its functionalities.

1 May 2010

Lab renovations are underway! We are looking forward to a finish date of approximately July 1st!

6 April 2010

Computer Science undergraduate Yu Liang joins the Hsieh and Kulathinal Labs as web developer for lizardbase.

15 January 2010

The Hsieh Lab moved to Temple University, Philadelphia, PA in January 2010!

Former University of Florida undergraduate Cherice Smithers moved with the lab.

3-7 January 2010

The Hsieh Lab attended the Society of Integrative and Comparative Biology Conference in Seattle, Washington.

Undergraduate Chris Grassa presented a poster entitled, "Using comparative and functional genomics to infer past lineage-specific processes among vertebrates," at his first national meeting!

Tonia Hsieh presented "Adaptive divergence in green anole lizards due to species invasions" with former University of Florida undergraduate Cherice Smithers as co-author.

2 December 2009

Former lab undergraduate Tristan Hensley is accepted to the University of Florida Dentistry School. Congratulations, Tristan!!

31 July 2009

Former lab high school student Kunj Shroff is awarded best oral presentation and best paper in the University of Florida SSTP Program!

16 June 2009

Former lab undergraduate Judith Misas is accepted to the University of Florida College of Nursing.Congratulations, Judith!!