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Amphibious and Terrestrial Blenny Research [Photos Coming soon!]

     Fieldwork in Guam (2009)

On my most recent trip to Guam, I brought then post-doc and animal behavioral ecologist Terry Ord to investigate how activity periods fluctuate throughout the day and to begin to tease apart patterns of sociality in the Pacific leaping blenny (Alticus arnoldorum).

     Fieldwork in Taiwan and Guam (2004)

For this trip, I combined my annual trip to Guam with a "detour" to Taiwan to hunt down the elusive Andamia tetradactyla, the sister genus to the Pacific leaping blenny (Alticus arnoldorum)I had been studying for two years in Guam. This trip was generously funded by National Geographic.

     Fieldwork in Guam (2003)

My second trip to Guam, this time on my own. This trip was funded by Harvard University's Putnam Fund and a Student Travel Fellowship (FGST) from the Society of Integrative and Comparative Biology.

     Fieldwork in Guam (2002)

This was my first trip to Guam as a second-year graduate student, funded by Harvard University's Putnam Travel Award. I was fortunate enough to be joined by Dr. Carl Ferraris, then one of the Curators of Ichthyology of the California Academy of Sciences and forever catfish extraordinaire. This was a short, 1 week trip that started the entire crazy endeavor to understand how a fish lives almost exclusively above water!

Anole Lizard Research

     Fieldwork in Panama (2012)

Our second year to Panama! This was a remarkably successful, but quick (10-23 June), field season with a total of over 11 different anole species collected for molecular and locomotor analyses. Those present on the trip included Drs. Kenro Kusumi, Jeanne Wilson-Rawls, and Stephen Pratt from Arizona State University, Dr. Tonia Hsieh from Temple University, and Elizabeth Hutchins (ASU graduate student) and Inbar Maayan (ASU undergrad). We were fortunate to again have Drs. Jess Stapley and Stu Dennis helping us along with all our studies and collections!

     Fieldwork in Panama (2011)

This was a joint Arizona State University-Temple University trip to collect several species of Panamanian anole in Panama for a tail regeneration study. This project is conducted in collaboration with ASU principal investigators (Drs. Kenro Kusumi, Jeanne Wilson-Rawls, Rebecca Fisher, Alan Rawls, and Stephen Pratt) and Temple University's Rob Kulathinal.

     Fieldwork in South Florida (2011)

A continuation of the preceding year's trip to Cedar Key, post-doc Dr. Kyle Mara and I traveled to South Florida to collect anoles in areas heavily invaded by other anoles, to continue our investigation on how increased competition due to species invasions has affected green anole morphology.

     Fieldwork in Cedar Key, FL (2010)

This goal of this trip to Cedar Key, Florida was to identify islands that were devoid of the introduced Cuban brown anole (Anolis sagrei) while being home to the native green anole lizard (Anolis carolinensis). I was joined by Dr. Rob Kulathinal, then lab manager Cherice Smithers, and former University of Florida undergraduate lab member, Israel Salazar.