Associate Professor
                               Department of Chemistry
                                     Temple University


    B.S., 1994, National and Kapodistrian University of  Athens, Greece;
    Ph.D., 2000, The Ohio State University;
    Postdoctoral fellow, 2000-2003, Johns Hopkins University.

    2005 NSF CAREER Award


    Research Interest:

   * Conical intersections and nonadiabatic effects
   * Photophysical behavior of DNA/RNA bases
   * QM/MM methodology for studying solvation in excited states
   * Understanding laser control of molecular dynamics




Department of Chemistry
Temple University
13th and Norris Streets
Philadelphia PA 19122

Voice: 215-204-7703 
Fax: 215-204-1532







Group Members:

Group Leader: 
Prof. Spiridoula Matsika  

Graduate Students:
Mark Fennimore
Pratip Chakraborty
Salsabil Abou-Hatab
Mushir Kolathingal Thodika
Mohammed Sorour

Undergraduate Students:
Abigail Serridge

Former Group Members:

Postdoctoral Fellows:
Dr. Tolga Karsili (Assistant Prof. at the University of Louisiana)
Dr. James Brown (currently at Dartmouth College)
Dr. Wook Lee (currently at Institute for Basic Science, Daejeon)
Dr. Marianna Assmann (currently at the University of Birmingham)
Dr. Kurt Kistler (currently on the faculty at Penn State Brandywine)
Dr. Pascal Krause (currently at Wayne State)
Dr. Dimitri Laikov (currently at Moscow State University, RUSSIA)
Dr. ZongRong Xu 
Dr. Akihiko Yoshikawa  

Graduate Students: 

Dr. Vincent Spata (PhD 2016) (currently at Princeton University)
Dr. Zhen Lu (PhD 2015) (currently on the faculty at University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown)
Dr. Kurt Kistler (PhD 2010)  (currently on the faculty at Penn State Brandywine)
Ranjeetha Suryavanshi (Masters 2009) 
Congyi Zhou (Masters 2012)

Undergraduate Students: 
Kandis Gilliard (currently faculty at UC Riverside)
Madiyha Muhammad 
Benjamin Mejia 
Elizabeth Mburu (graduated from School of Medicine University of Pennsylvania)
Chris Kozak 
Parth Patel 
JingXin Liang (currently a graduate student at Caltech)
Catherine Triandafillou (currently a graduate student at the University of Chicago)
Stephen Meloni (currently a graduate student at the University of Pennsylvania)
Quynh Nguyen  (currently a graduate student at the University of Colorado Boulder)
Aya Matsumura (currently a graduate student at Kumamoto University, Japan)
Yuan Zeng
Chey Jones (currently a graduate student at Stanford University)
Michael Bennett
Linh Nguyen

Research Group Photos

July 2018 (farewell dinner for Tolga)

Spring  2018

From left: Salsabil, Mark, Spiridoula, Mushir, Mohammad, Tolga, Pratip

Spring 2017
From left: Chey, Tolga, Mark, Spiridoula, James, Pratip

Spring 2015
From left: Salsabil, Yuan, Aya, Vince, Zhen, Mariana, Wook, Spiridoula, Mark, Chey

First row from left: S. Matsika, Catherine Triandafillou, JingXin Liang, Quynh Nguyen
Second row from left: Pascal Krause, Vince Spata, Stephen Meloni, Zhen Lu (August 2012)

Parth Patel, JingXin Liang, Zhen Lu, Kurt Kistler, Spiridoula Matsika, Pascal Krause, Congyi Zhou (April 2010)

Kurt Kistler, Congyi Zhou, Spiridoula Matsika, Zhen Lu, Chris Kozak (December 2008)

Elizabeth, Spiridoula, Kurt, Dimitri (October 2007)

ZongRong Xu, Spiridoula Matsika, Madiyha Muhammad, Dimitri Laikov (Summer 2007)

Spiridoula Matsika, Akihiko Yoshikawa, ZongRong Xu, Kurt Kistler (March 2005)

Kandis Gilliard (2005)