Video and New Media Speaker Series: Narrative Interfaces
Graduate Colloquium
FMA 943
Spring 2002
Prof. Sarah Drury
Film/Media Arts

In contemporary media art practices, the interval between the screen-based narrative and the viewer is itself a potential field of active viewer participation. Departing from the single-screen narrative, this interactive interval may simply invite the viewer to enter a conceptualized space, as with video and film installation. Other new technologies may enable an unfolding narrative, dependent on selection, or on the input of the viewer's physical gesture or navigation with sensors of motion, sound, light or pressure. Or the interface may engage the viewer in a narrative space of networked telepresence.

This "space between" conceptualizes the intimate distance between the narrative and its reception as an active space. Current media art engages the contradictions of new technologies, on the elusive boundary between critique of the alienation and control manifested in these technologies and elaboration of new models of distributed subjectivity, discursive bodies, networked community and emergent narrative forms.The Spring 2002 Graduate Colloquium introduces the Video and New Media Speaker Series. Seven visiting media artists will address evolving issues of narrative as they present their work and ideas, view student work and engage in discussion.


Video/New Media Speaker Series Schedule:
PLEASE NOTE: Ellen Zweig, originally scheduled to appear on Feb 6, has bee re-scheduled to Apr 10.

Feb 20: Sigrid Hackenberg. Video Installation Artist
Feb 27: Dara Birnbaum. Video Installation Artist, Critical Theorist
Mar 20: Hanan Snier. Theater Director/Media Performance Designer
Apr 3: Hana Iverson. Video Installation Artist, Internet Archivist
Apr 10: Ellen Zweig. Writer, Performance Artist, Installation Artist
Apr 17: Philip Galanter. Computational Complexity/Generative Imaging
Apr 24: Teri Rueb. Sculptor, Interaction Design, Interactive Sound Art


Readings relating to the work of visiting artists and related issues can be accessed at:
(this list will grow; not all essays have been uploaded yet)

• The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction, Walter Benjamin
• a website by Robin Michals recontextualizing the idea of Walter Benjamin's "arcades" in contemporary discourse
• The Language of New Media, by Lev Manovich: Prologue: Vertov's Dataset, from What is Cinema?
• Video Haptics and Erotics, by Laura Marks
• Video Installation Art: The Image, the Body and the Space In Between, by Margaret Morse
• Mirrors and Mimesis: An Examination of the Strategies of Image Appropriation and Repetition in the Work of Dara Birnbaum, by Dot Tuer. From n.paradoxa online journal
• Kaddish, Allen Ginsburg
• The Work of Culture in the Age of Cybernetic Systems, by Bill Nichols. From Electronic Culture, Timothy Druckrey, ed.
• Paul Virilio: The Last Vehicle
• Networked Art, by Craig J. Saper
• Visualizing the Post Human, by N. Katherine Hayles, from How We Became Post Human
• The Telephone Book: Technology, Schizophrenia, Electric Speech, by Avital Ronell