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WAVA is an archive resource for people interested in the anthropology of visual communication. It features out-of-print and unpublished materials useful for teaching and research. We have secured permission to place works on the web so that interested parties can download and use them. WAVA was created and is maintained by the faculty and graduate students in the graduate program in the anthropology of visual communication at Temple University, Philadelphia, PA USA. Among those givingtheir time and engery are Lindsey Powell, Rebecca Sobel, Kimberly Dukes, Stephanie Takaragawa, and Kendall Roark. We welcome your comments, criticisms and suggestions for additions. We have no funds for this site and are dependent upon voluntary labor. If you know a work that deserves to be circulated, please consider scanning it and sending the work on disk so that we can add it to the archive. . Please email us at WAVA.

Please note - the original pagination of all published work has been preserved and indicated so that readers may accurately cite. Some documents are in PDF form that requires Adobe Acrobat Reader. The Reader is available for download free from http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readermain.html for both Mac and Windows.

Table of Contents

Sol Worth Page -This page is now an ebook,
The Complete Sol Worth available at Amazon.

Hortense Powdermaker Page - contains the complete manscript of Hollywood, the Dream Factory plus other related essays.

Robert Flaherty Page - Note all of these materials are now available at

Michael Intintoli's out-of-print ethnographic study of the production of a soap opera - Taking Soaps Seriously.

Jay Ruby's out-of-print book, Secure the Shadow: Death and Photography in America(MIT Press, 1995).

Unpublished Theses and Dissertations

Eric Michaels' unpublished Ph.D. dissertation - "TV Tribes" - an early example of an anthropological study of television reception.

KiJung Lee's unpublished dissertation, Film, Culture and the Generation Gap: An Anthropological Study of Chimhyang, A Korean Feature Film (2001) .
Alex Baker's unpublished dissertation. The Schuylkill River Park Public Art Process: An Ethnographic Focus on a Philadelphia Urban Park's Development.(2002)

Nora Jones' unpublished dissertation., The Mütter Museum: The Body as Spectacle, Specimen, and Art

Melissa Forbis' unpublished MA thesis. This is My Body: Gender, Tatooing and Resistance in the United States

Historical Documents

Some documents about the history of visual anthropology in the United States. Includes copies of PIEF, SAVICOM and SVA Newsletters, Programs from Temple University's Conferences on Visual Anthropology and the proposal for the creation of a Society of the Anthroplogy of Visual Communication (SAVICOM)


The Continuing Crisis in Academic Publishing

There is every indication that book publishing is in serious trouble and that scholarly works with a limited audience will have a hard time being published. Even those works that do find a publisher will go out of print very rapidly. There are many indications that an interest in visual anthropology is increasing and that several institutions are organizing courses in this subject for the first time. The WAVA offers professionals and students, particularly those in institutions without an extensive library, a chance to gain access without costs to materials that otherwize would be outside of their reach. It is an service essential to the growth of this field. And one that can be realized at relative little cost.


Stay Tuned. there is more to come!