A History of The Rubi/Rubin/Ruby Families of
Switzerland an America


In 1983 Jay and Ruth Ruby, my parents, published History of the Rubi-Ruby Families of Switzerland and America.  It has been out of print for some time and my parents both passed away. I scanned and "pdfed" the book and make it available here (See below) to those interested free of charge. I am a retired professor of Anthropology and their only child.   I thought it might be interesting to take their work and expand it. They were not trained scholars and did not have access to the Web. What they produced is an invaluable resource for genealogists but for the rest of us it is very difficult to read if you wish to get a more generalized history of the family. I hope that this supplement expands what they were able to accomplish. I also enjoy doing detailed research and embellishing on what they found. I have compiled more family records than they had access to. Again I make that data available in the form a Web Card files to those interested (See below). This document is primarily meant for myself and my children. Others are most welcome to see and use it. I have tried to cite my sources but if I missed an attribution, please let me know.

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Link to a pdf version of History of the Rubi-Ruby Families of Switzerland and America
by Jay and Ruth Ruby

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Link to A Supplement to Jay W. and Ruth Ruby's "The Rubi/Ruby Families of Switzerland an America" by Jay Ruby, Jr.

Link to my compilation of Rubi/Rubi family records