Curriculum Vitae
Robin Mitchell-Boyask



updated 15 November 2016


Current position:
Professor of Classics, Temple University

Co-editor, Classical World

Research and Teaching Interests
Greek drama; Greek epic; Greek mythology and religion; historiography; Greek language pedagogy; Roman epic, especially Vergil; comparative approaches

Office: 326 Anderson Hall, Department of Classics, Temple University, 1114 West Berks St.,
Philadelphia PA 19122, (215) 204-3672

1988, Ph.D., Comparative Literature, Brown University
1982, B.A., Honors, University of Chicago, Classical Languages and Literatures



Under review, contract or forthcoming:

  •  “Aeschylus, Oresteia,” for Oxford Bibliographies Online
  • Articles under review:
    • “Odysseus Laertiades: Gardening, Paternity and the Namings of Odysseus” (revising and recommendation of revise and resubmit 11/2106)
    •  “Odysseus, Maker of Horses;”
    • “Jocasta the What?”


  •  In preparation:
  • Pelôrios Aias: The Problem of Ajax in Western Culture (monograph)
  • Trojan Horses: An Epic Hippology (monograph)








Jointly-authored or edited volumes

Selected Articles and Essays:

Š       Heroic Pharmacology: Sophocles and the Language of Early Greek Medicine,” 316-30 in A Companion to Sophocles, edited by Kirk Ormand (Blackwell, 2012)

Š       "Plague and theater in 5th century Athens," The Lancet  373 (2009) 374-75

Š       "The Athenian Asklepieion and the End of the Philoctetes," Transactions of the American Philological Association 137 (2007) 83-112

Š       "The Marriage of Cassandra and the Oresteia: Text, Image, Performance," Transactions of the American Philological Association 136 (2006) 269-297

Š       “Was Homer an Oral Poet?”  131-134 in Classical Antiquity and Classical Studies.  History in Dispute, volume 20.  Eds. P. A. Miller and C. Platter.  (Thomson Gale, 2005

Š        "Euripides' Hippolytus and the Trials of Manhood," Bucknell Review issue on Rites of Passage in Ancient Greece: Literature, Religion, Society, Spring 43 (1999) 43-67. (Google Books) BMCR review

Š       "Sine Fine: The Aeneid and Freud's Masterplot," American Journal of Philology 117 (1996) 289-307

Š       “Dramatic Scapegoating: On the Uses and Abuses of René Girard and Shakespearean Criticism,” 426-37 in Tragedy and “The Tragic”: Greek Theatre and Beyond, ed. M.S. Silk (Oxford University Press, 1996). BMCR review:

Š       “Freud’s Reading of Classical Literature and Classical Philology,” 23-46 in Reading Freud Reading, ed. S. Gilman (NYU Press, 1993)

Š       “Ambiguity, Imitation and Ethics in Euripides and Buchner,” 195-210 in The Scope of Words: In Honor of Albert S. Cook (Peter Lang, 1991)