Charles de Gaulle; France's Attitude Toward US Policy in Vietnam (1964)

Excerpts from McGeorge Bundy's Memo to President Johnson (February 7, 1965)

"Aggression From the North," State Department White paper on Vietnam (February 27, 1965)

Excerpts from Speech Given by President Johnson at Johns Hopkins University (April 7, 1965)

Dean Rusk American Foreign Policy and International Law South Vietnam's Right of Self Defense (April 23, 1965)

Paper by the Under Secretary of State George Ball, Cutting Our Losses in South Viet-Nam (June 1965)

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Defense Secretary Robert McNamara's memo to President Johnson (July 20, 1965)

Thu Vao nam [Letters to the South] (1965)

NFL Christmas Propaganda (December 1966)

Letter of Ho Chi Minh to Lyndon Johnson (February 15, 1967)

Ball on 64-65

Bunker on Pacification

Colby on Pacification

Katzenbach on Advising and Negotiations

McNamara on Military Strategy

Rostow on LBJ Decisions

Rusk on Dissent

Rusk on LBJ Decisions

Rusk on Military Strategy

Johnson's Proclamation (Nov 1965)