Richard H. Immerman                                                                                                                                        Spring 2001
Gladfelter 909                                                                                                                                                    TUCC: Tuesday, 7:45-9:45

History 472:  Studies in the Cold War

Class Presentation Schedule

January 30

Class Reading:  Gaddis, Strategies                                        Presenter

Reviews:   Chace,  Acheson                                                   Sean
                 Hogan,  Marshall Plan                                         Ted
                 Leffler, Preponderance of Power                         Smadar
                 Woods & Jones, Dawning of the Cold War         Phil

Commentaries:            Chace              Brian
                                   Hogan             Anthony
                                   Leffler             Britton
                                   Woods/Jones  Phil G.

February 6

Class Reading:  Trachtenberg, Constructed Peace

Reviews:    Gienow-Hecht, Transmission Impossible              Uta
                  Eisenberg,  Drawing the Line                               PHOB
                  Naimark,  The Russians in Germany                    Brian

 Commentaries:            Gienow-Hecht    Brian
                                    Eisenberg           Sean
                             Naimark            Phil

February 13

 Class Reading:  Zubok & Pleshakov, Inside the Kremlin
     Leffler/Macdonald articles (on reserve)

Reviews:   Gaddis,  We Now Know                                            Mike M.
                Garthoff,  Detente and Confrontation                       Anthony
                Larson,  Anatomy of Mistrust                                    Ted
                Mastny,  Cold War and Soviet Insecurity                  Britton

Commentaries:        Gaddis              Diana
                        Garthoff             Harry
                        Larson               Phil
                        Mastny              Sean

February 20

Class Reading:  Foot, Practice of Power

Reviews:   Christensen,  Useful Adversaries                                    Phil
                LaFeber,  The Clash                                                        Mike M.
                Sheng,  Battling Western Imperialism                             Uta

Commentaries:        Christensen             Ted
                        LaFeber                  Britton
                        Sheng                      Harry

February 27

Class Reading:  Stueck, Korean War
    Weathersby article (on reserve)

Reviews:   Cumings,  Origins of the Korean War, I                           Darren
                Foot,  The Wrong War                                                      Susan
                Goncharov, Lewis, & Xue Litai, Uncertain Partners         Steve
                Zhang,  Mao’s Military Romanticism                                Ted

Commentaries:        Cumings                    Lubna
                               Foot                         Mike M.
                        Goncharov             Laura
                        Zhang                        Uta


March 13

Class Reading:  Bowie/Immerman, Waging Peace

Reviews:   Grose,  Gentleman Spy                                                        Britton
                McDougall,  The Heavens and The Earth                             Smadar
                Mitrovich,  Undermining the Kremlin                                   Sean
                Roman,  Eisenhower and the Missile Gap                            Harry

Commentaries:        Grose                       Susan
                        McDougall                Steve
                        Mitrovich                  Anthony
                        Roman                      Smadar

March 20

Class Reading:  Holloway, Stalin and the Bomb

Reviews: Bundy, Danger and Survival                                                     Anthony
              Craig,  Destroying the Village                                                    Sean
              Kissinger, Nuclear Weapons and Foreign Policy                       Lubna

Commentaries:            Bundy                        Britton
                            Craig                         Mike M.
                                   Kissinger                   Smadar

March 27

Class Reading:  Hixson, Parting the Curtain

Reviews:   Hoffman,  All We Need is Love                                                Uta
                Pells,  Not Like Us                                                                    Susan
                Wagnleitner, Coca-Colonization                                               Harry

Commentaries:          Hoffman                  Brian
                                 Pells                       Anthony
                                 Wagnleitner            Uta

 April 3

Class Reading:  Naftali & Fursenko, Hell of a Gamble

Reviews: Allison and Zelikow, Essence of Decision, 2nd. ed.                        Anthony
              May and Zelikow, The Kennedy Tapes                                           Brian
              Nash, The Other Missiles of October                                             Steve

Commentaries:        Allison/Zelikow             Lubna
                        May/Zelikow                Ted
                        Nash                            Mike M.

April 10

Class Reading:  LaFeber, Revolutions

Reviews:   Gleijeses,  Dominican Crisis                                                            Phil
                Morley,  Imperial State and Revolution                                           Lubna
                Paterson,  Contesting Castro                                                           Susan

Commentaries:        Gleijeses                       Sean
                        Morley                          Ted
                        Paterson                        Uta

April 17

Class Reading:  Rotter, Comrades at Odds

Reviews: Ben-Zvi, Decade of Transition                                                             Harry
              Borstelmann,  Apartheid's Reluctant Uncle                                           Ginger
             Gasiorowski,  U.S. Foreign Policy and the Shah                                   Britton
             Kunz, The Economic Diplomacy of the Suez Crisis                               Smadar

 Commentary:          Ben-Zvi                            Smadar
                         Borstelmann                     Steve
                         Gasiorowski                     Lubna
                                Kunz                               Phil

April 24

 Class Reading:  McMahon, Limits of Empire

Reviews:  Buzzanco,  Masters of War                                                                    Brian
               Kimball,  Nixon's Vietnam War                                                              Lubna
               Lind,  Necessary War                                                                             Mike M.
               Logevall,  Choosing War                                                                        Steve

Commentaries:          Buzzanco                        Susan
                          Kimball                           Steve
                                 Lind                               Harry
                          Logevall                          Susan