Instructor: Dr. Richard Chalfen
Office: 224 Gladfelter Hall
Class: Anderson Hall 7
Time: Tues-Thurs: 2:40-4:00
Telephone: 204-1413

This course satisfies the Core Curriculum requirement for three semester hours in the American Culture category. We will study topics in American culture in the context of cultural anthropology. Several theoretical problems will guide the lectures, readings, screenings, and discussions. For instance: How do anthropologists understand culture? What is meant by an "anthropology of American culture"? How is this perspective similar to or different from what is said in other disciplines in the Social Sciences or Humanities? Is it legitimate to speak of (an) American culture? Where do we find it? How are we a part of it? Or is it a part of us? How did we get it? And how does it get us? Can we as members of American culture write ethnographies of American culture? Can we do fieldwork "at home"? How would anthropologists from other countries study "us"? Or, is that the "U.S."?

REQUIRED TEXTS (available in Temple University Bookstore)

Worlds of Pain by Lillian B. Rubin (New York: Basic Books), 1976.
All Our Kin--Strategies for Survival in a Black Community by Carol B. Stack (New York: Harper and Row), 1974.
Tell Them Who I Am--The Lives of Homeless Women by Elliot Liebow (New York: Penguin Books), 1993.
Coming of Age in New Jersey--College and American Culture by Michael Moffatt (New Brunswick, N.J.: Rutgers               University Press), 1989.
The Mall--An Attempted Escape from Everyday Life by Jerry Jacobs (Prospect Heights: Ill: Waveland Press), 1984.

REQUIRED READINGS (available on Reserve in Paley Library)

Readings for Anthropology 64: American Culture edited by Richard Chalfen