Academic info

I am currently enrolled in the Master of Liberal Arts degree program at Temple University.  My academic interests include photography & visual representation, copyright and other so-called "cyberlaw" issues, pop culture and various social issues that have arisen in virtual worlds, especially discussions regarding the reinscription of racialist ideologies within fantasy settings.  And other stuff that people use big words to talk about.

Personal data points

  1. BulletTerrible geek.

  2. BulletProfessional Academic Computing consultant

  3. BulletI’ve designed several fonts

  4. BulletAtrocious taste in clothes with a 97% chance of selecting an all black, ill-fitting outfit.  On the plus side, there is a .0034% chance i’ll choose a giant chicken suit

  5. BulletI was the third drummer for down mf

  6. Bulletmy preference is open source, but I make exceptions for decent products that aren’t too obviously evil.

  7. Bulletunderstand programming way better than I program.

  8. Bulletshould probably devote more time to OSCELOT

  9. BulletIf I say anything to you that contains the phrase “I think it will be pretty easy” one of us is in trouble.

professional info

I am the Manager of the Instructional Support Center at Temple University, which is a part of Computer Services. I am available to anyone who teaches at Temple to discuss issues surrounding the incorporation of technology into their teaching or research. For a better understanding of what the Instructional Support Center can offer, please see our website.

In addition to Faculty consultations, I also develop learning systems used for teaching at the university.  Besides working with blackboard,  I am the project lead for Gallery (MDID2) System, several blackboard building blocks we’ve installed (notably Learning Objects Campus Pack, or blogs and wikis as people say), iTUnesU and other development projects. also, People keep asking me about second life, but man. 

Ok, I admit that some parts of second life are pretty cool.  but the whole furry thing is weird—or at least way over-represented, and a lot of the places I visit seem like an outdoor bazaar of knockoff imports being held at a adult products convention.

and what is the whole sex bed thing all about? I mean, really.

How many can any one person need?