Welcome to the &cond; floundry (sic), which wishes to enliven your life with free fonts lovingly (but not always pain-stakingly) crafted in our secret hologram bunker.

Notes: I made this font by various methods of converting line drawings and other things into vector illustrations. It's fun, and you get really cool results. I recommend it to any font maker. The theme of LEBENangst is fear...the kind you get from life. Use it to exorcize a few personal boogey-men.

Notes: This font is designed after a play booklet (I think) designed by Jan Tschichold, one of this century's master typogaphers, and perhaps the only person to be be arrested for "creating type that undermines the moral strength of the German People." The design of the playbook was meant to mimic stone carving found primarily on tombstones in the Norther Slavic Countries. Oooh, spooky!

Notes: I made this font in about two hours, and it shows. I suppose the most remarkable thing about it is that I finished it.



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