Pictures of, for, and by the Millers

and Our Relatives, Cronies, and Other Motley Associates

ACS "War Years" Mini-Reunion, La Plata, MD, Late Summer 2000

Some Shots of Rima, Jennifer Kassardjian, and Rima's Roommate (Summer 2000)

Miriam and Big Alisa's Visit, Fall 2000

Lina, George, and Teta Marie Celebrate Their Birthdays

Zoro (Our Snake) and George's Guitar

Mini-Reunion of ACS "War Years" Folks

More Shots of Mini-Reunion of ACS "War Year" Folks, thanks to Salim Aridi

Nada and Martyn and 2477 Independence Avenue

Post-Christmas in Roslyn, PA

Marcelo Saba and Students Visit Roslyn, PA

Visit to Big Alisa and Miriam's House

Ocracoke Island, North Carolina; Summer 2005

New Year’s Eve 2006

Randa’s Birthday 2007 (.ppt)

George, IV, 10th Birthday (.ppt)

Siham’s High School Graduation (.ppt)

Abi-Chahines, et al., Visit New York City (.ppt)

Abi-Chahines, et al., Visit New York City (Part 2) (.ppt)

The Moawads Visit Roslyn, PA (.ppt)

Millers, et al., Visit Shepherdtown, WV (.ppt)

Thanksgiving 2007 (.ppt)

New Year’s Eve 2007 (.ppt)

Randa’s Birthday 2008 (.ppt)

A Short Film:  Wrestling GFM, IV

Nada’s Visit to Lebanon (.ppt)

Short Film of Elie (Nada in Lebanon) (.avi)


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