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Dasymetric Mapping and Areal Interpolation


Download the Script (Updated 11/12/07)


Finally, as of November 11, 2007, we have a version of the IDM script that works for ArcGIS 9.2!


We have tested this dasymetric mapping technique for accuracy and believe it to be an improvement over some other areal interpolation methods.  However, dasymetric mapping necessarily involves estimation; thus, some error will nearly always be embedded within the dasymetric mapping product.  The degree of error varies with the nature of the input data and application  context.  For this reason, we assume no responsibility for the quality nor appropriate application of this code.


If you use this code in your research please cite this web site and the following publication:


Mennis, J. and Hultgren, T., 2006. Intelligent dasymetric mapping and its application to areal interpolation. Cartography and Geographic Information Science, 33(3): 179-194.





IDM_py_1_1 the script in Python for ArcGIS 9.2
Sample Data sample data to demonstrate IDM, including land cover polygon data and tract-level population data in ESRI shapefile formats for Delaware County, Pennsylvania.


To use the IDM script, open the script in Pythonwin (or another editor) and edit the lines that specify the input data, output location and file name, and scipt parameterization (lines 40-52).  Note that the population data set should be clipped to the ancillary data prior to use of the script.