Asian Cinema Vol. 19 No. 1








 Asian Cinema Style Sheet  

Manuscripts should be sent electronically to John A. Lent, email: and The manuscript should include, title (not very long), author, text, endnotes, references, short bio data of author, in that order.

Please click here to view a sample paper for an illustration of the formatting requirements listed below.

:   For Fall/Winter number: May 30.
                  For Spring/Summer number: Dec. 31.

Illustrations: Illustrations are strongly recommended. No limit is placed on number of illustrations used per article. Illustrations should be very clear (suggested 300 resolution and jpg. file) and include short caption, preceded by “Fig.” and the number.

Endnotes: Numbered with Arabic (1, 2, 3, etc.) not Roman numerals, followed by period. Endnotes usually are reserved for material that is explanatory or otherwise additional to what is in the text. If sources are used in endnotes, they should appear as cited in text. For example: (Gombrich, 1960:16).

References: Alphabetically listed. Use author’s full first name, not initials, unless parents named him/her only by initials. Examples of different types of entries are:

  • Book, single author:
    • Benjamin, Walter. 1968. Illuminations. New York: Schocken Books.
  • Book, article, or presentation, multiple authors:
    • Shin, Chi Yun and Julian Stringer, eds. 2005. New Korean Cinema.  New York: New York University Press.
  • Chapter in book: 
    • Cho, Yoon Je. 1997. “Government Intervention, Rent Distribution, and Economic Development in Korea.” In The Role of Government in East Asia Economic Development, edited by Masahiko Aoki, Hyung Ki Kim, and Masahiro Okuno-Fujiwara, pp.208-232. Oxford: Clarendon Press.
  • Article in journal:
    • Jameson, Frederic. 1984. “Postmodernism, or the Cultural Logic of Late Capitalism.” New Left Review. 146: 53-93.
  • Article in periodical:
    • Kipanya, Masoud. 2001. “Kipanya ni Nani?” Femina. Feb.-Apr.:4-7.
  • Article in newspaper:
    • Zoller Seitz, Matt. 2007. “Gun-Slingers in Macau: A Far-Eastern Western.” New York Times. Aug. 31:18.
  • Article in newspaper, anonymous:
    • Japan Times. 2004. “Publisher Censors.” Nov. 12:A-12.
  • Paper presentation:
    • Beez, Jigal and Stefanie Kolbusa. 2003. “Kibiriti Ngoma: Images of Women in Swahili Comics and Taarab Music.” Paper, presented at the 19th Conference of the Pan-African Anthropological Association, Port Elizabeth, June 29-July 4.
  • Interview:
    • Rani, Devika. 1980. Interview with John A. Lent, Bangalore, India, July 16.
  • Website:
    • Paquet, Darcy. 2000. “Genrebending in Contemporary Korean Cinema.” Retrieved from

Citations: In text citations should give last name of author, year of publication, page number (Smith, 1976:13). Page numbers written in full, e.g., 612-648.

Punctuation: A comma after each item in a series, e.g., bravery, courage, and loyalty. Concerning quoted matter, printers’ rules apply:

  • comma or period always within quotes: “   .” “   ,”
  • semi-colon or colon always outside quotes: “  ”:   “   ”;
  • question mark or exclamation mark placed according to which part is a question or exclamation.

Dates: Specific centuries, as, 21st Century. Order of date: Nov. 11, 2008.

Capitalization: U.S. English standards.

Bio data: Include as last item on manuscript, 5-6 lines of career biography of each author:
Kwang Woo Noh, a doctoral candidate at Southern Illinois University-Carbondale, is one of the founders of the New York Korean Film Festival. He is ….


Asian Cinema Vol. 19 No. 1