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Here are some images associated with persons and things important to me.

Sons of Italy Man of the Year:  Brother Joe DeAngelo
Joe was named the Carmel S. Morina Lodge #2580, 2002 Man of the Year and  honored during the lodge's  July 4th parade.  According to the selection committee, Joe's dedication and hard work are inspirations for many club members. Joe has served as past president, but recently was both Rental Chairman and Bar Chairman - offices that are really meant for two people.  Joe is also a member of the New Jersey Order Sons of Italy Foundation Golden Lion Award Club.   The Committee also praised Joe for his willingness to tackle any job,  no matter how many hours are required, and his friendly and helpful attitude.  Congratulations, Brother Joe! To learn more about the Sons of Italy, go to


Who does this resemble? I was researching DeAngelos on the web and ran across this amazing image of Donato DeAngelis on the DeAngelo/Bellone homepage that looks amazingly like my brother Bob. 

Cousin Leroy Comes to Town
The day after Memorial Day, 2001, the DeAngelo Family was visited by a friend from the past.  Leroy Natale, son of Uncle Tom and Edwina Natale (you know, the New Yaak Italians) returned to Paulsboro, one of his favorite family vacation spots of  years gone by.  Leroy was accompanied by his Uncle Marvin and son Byron.  Although the stay was short, we managed to convene a cousins mini-reunion at the Sons of Italy Club.  Leroy, now retired, has been working on a Natale family tree for nearly a year. My mother Mary is a Natale.  Tom was here brother.  Leroy made good use of his time to update the genealogy and scan some precious old photos. 

Judy DeAngelo with Cousin Leroy Leroy scans a photo for Mary DeAngelo Shelly, Danielle, and Mary DeAngelo look at family photos
Younger brother Dennis with John Mary Holt, Judy, & Lena Sweeney Leroy & Linda in Oregon

Fire! Fire!
On Friday, January 12, 2001, around 6:00 PM ... and only minutes after the chimney sweeps did what chimney sweeps do, the DeAngelos had a very frightening and damaging experience .... fire.  Pictured below is a shot of the offending fireplace the morning after.  Disaster Update: As of Saturday, February 17, our 150-year-old house is back in order.  It has been cleaned, painted, and generally renewed.  As a matter of fact, things now look pretty much as they did in the Christmas photo at left. As they say, all's well that ends well.

Before fire Some fire damage

Family and Friends
At left, our daughter, Adrienne, and her mother, Judy, at Big Trees in the Sierras of Northern California.  Middle picture, Judy enjoying our new outdoor Jacuzzi at home in summer, and at right, Adrienne, me, and Judy splashing in 17 o temperatures in January.

Below, upper left, Judy with good friends Lynne and Paul Pickens on Cape Cod.  At upper right top, Judy and Adrienne opening presents, Christmas 2000. Lower left, Judy's mother, Barbara standing behind her sister Florence (Floss). Lower right, original painting of a barn owl by the late William Kazmar, Judy's father and renowned artist. The painting hangs in my office at Temple University, also known as the Owls. 

Directly Below

 The late, great artist, sculptor,
and jack of all trades,
William Kazmar of Collingswood.

Immediately above left, Adrienne at Aunt Karen's home in Alamo, California.  Center, Adrienne (Bun) in her Subaru Outback. Right, Bun with grandmother Barbara Kazmar.