Mission to Mars

Design Layout



To accomplish the Mission to Mars Challenge, each team would build three different robots as per the pre-defined tasks. Three robots are named as Rover-bot, Delivery-bot and Dump-bot. Tasks perform by the robots include launching balls, pushing stuck spirit (robot), bringing ice cores and collecting boulders.


Mission to Mars challenge has been divided into four different tasks as defined above. Complete challenge holds 100 points, further distribution of the points are based on the complexity and nature of the job defined for the robots.


Points Distribution

Task 1: Launching Balls (25 points)

  • Robot will count two marked lines from the base station and makes 90 degree turn on the third marked line. (5 points)
  • Follow the line to reach launch pad. (5 points)
  • Hitting the launcher and releasing a ball. (10 points)
  • Arriving back at the base station. (5 points)


Task 2: Releasing Spirit (25 points) Spirit got stuck on one of the sand dunes while collecting the data for the current research on Mars. Now the task of the Rover-bot is to release the Spirit.

  • Robot will count four marked lines from the base station and stops near to the spirit. (5 points)
  • Pushing the Spirit (5 points)
  • Connecting Spirit at the back of Rover-bot (10 points)
  • Coming back to the base station. (5 points)


Task 3: Ice Cores- Delivery bot is assigned to bring the ice cores to the base station for the research and to explore water on Mars. (20 points)

  • Follow the line and bring the ice cores back to the base station twice.


Task 4: Collecting Boulders-Dump bot is required to bring the boulders from the loading station to the base. (30 points)

  • Stopping at the loading station and dumping the boulders back at the base station using follow the line (10 points)
  • Same tasks need to be performed thrice.



  • Students are allowed to touch their robots, but every touch will cost 2 points.
  • Each robot will get only two trials to finish their task.
  • Robot with minimum time and maximum points will be considered as winner.









Rover Ramp


1 thick black divider


Sand Dune




Ice Core