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On the conclusive day of EE 001, High School Program for five weeks, two challenges (Maze, Mission to Mars) were conducted by Temple University. It was the decisive and tensed moment for the fifteen students, who participated in this tiring but challenging program. Students were tested for their creativity,  logical and analytical ability and capability to grasp new technology. Course also provided the vent to the students to understand and implement the concepts and theories of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Computer Programming .The course was  divided into two sections. In the first two and a half weeks students constructed a robot using Parallex kit. During this, students were introduced to IR (Infra-Red) Sensors and Photo resistors. In the other half of the course, students were allowed to design and construct a autonomous robot using Mindstorm. Designed robots were equipped with light, touch and temperature sensors.


Challenge Results:.

Maze: Joshua David and Jean Marc Beauburn were the winners of first and second round of maze competition respectively. Joshua David defeated all the contenders in first round with minimum time of 55 sec. Whereas Jean Marc held the first place in the second round with 52 sec. in hand. Joshua David was also declared as the champion of the maze competition. In this section each student build their own robot. Calibration, testing and programming for obstacle avoidance and recognizing light were part of the assigned tasks.   


Mission to Mars: In this challenge Hanifa Parker Morrison, Christina Santiago, Joashua David, Ashutosh Mohgaonkar, Nick Imbriglia, and Dominic Piazza team was declared as overall winner. Hanifa and Christina (Rover-bot) finished the task1 (launching Boulder) and task2 (Releasing Spirit) with minimum time of  37 sec and 25 sec respectively. Joshua and Ashutosh (Dump-bot) finished the task in 50 sec with perfect loading and unloading. Dominic Piazza's (Delivery-bot) finished the task in 2 min. His robot also received special attention because of complex design and superior maneuverability.


Dr. John Helferty presented medals to all the students for their efforts, dedication and keen interest to learn the technology. He also acknowledged the support provided by the Verizon and gave special thanks to Verizon representative, who were present on the occasion. Channel 10, Channel 6 and Temple News Media covered the whole challenge.


Drag Race: Odyssey ousted all the other participating teams in the drag race challenge. All the three groups of the Odyssey won the race with the huge margin. Genesis group managed to hold two second positions and one third position in the challenge. Deimos and Viking group settled with one second position and one third position respectively. The challenge was organized by the EE Dept. of Temple University as part of High School Program for 10th grade students. Students constructed their own Rover-bots and programmed it using two light sensor for the final race. Odyssey group TA Mr. Shankar was very happy with the performance of their group and appreciated the efforts put by their students.


Sumo Wrestling: Trader Bryant (Contour Group), Handal Isak and Freely Andre (Deimos Group), Trader Hareed (Viking Group) won the sumo wrestling competition at different levels. Handal Isak and Freely Andre remained unbeaten and eliminated all the other robots comfortably on their floor. This competition remained the most exciting and powerful challenge of the week.


Maze Challenge: Taylor Janitra, Rowley George, and Smith Ashley of Phoboes group won the final maze challenge at Temple University. Winner team finished the exciting and nerve breaking challenge in 1min, 54secs with total 36 points. Mohammed Riyad and Stroman Antoine of Genesis group took the second position with 2min, 10sec finishing time. Santos Frances, Williams Romecika and Rivers Dominique of Deimos group managed to hold the third position with the finishing time of 2min, 30sec. All the participants selected their own design and programmed their robots for obstacle avoidance using two Touch Sensors. Dr. John Helferty (Chairman, EE Dept.) presented medals to the winners.


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AKY, Summer 2004, TU