Donald A. Hantula, Ph. D.

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Dr. Donald A. Hantula directs the Decision Making laboratory at Temple University. He specializes in organizational behavior and evolutionary behavioral economics. His work combines behavior analytic, economic, and evolutionary theories to explore the ways in which we adapt to a complex and uncertain world. We are foragers, not rational actors.

Contact Information:

Postal: Department of Psychology / Weiss Hall / Temple University / 1701 N 13 St / Philadelphia, PA USA 19122-6085
Telephone: 215-204-5950 / FAX: 215-204-5539
electronic: hantula at temple dot edu

Research & Publications
Current Projects
Other Information
Evolutionary Behavioral Economics & Decision Making

Explorations of escalation of commitment, foraging theory, managerial & consumer decision making.

Improving Workplace Performance & Working Conditions

Experiments and applications in behavior analysis in organizations (a/k/a OBM), human services, drug treatment and with under-represented populations.

Technology & Behavior

Studies of behavior/technology interactions, virtual work & e-collaboration, education & training applications.



Decision Lab

Experimental analysis of sunk cost effects in desinion making including investing, political campaigns and online dating

Transitivity in choice / marriage & housing markets

Additive?? effects of sunk cost and equivocality on escalation of commitment

Delay discounting in consumer and financial decisions

New methods for determining delay discount functions

Behavioral finance

Foraging analysis of decision making in consumer and IC decisions

Outside The Lab

Virtual collaboration & consultation

Intelligent agent applications in education

Employee preferences for rewards

Increasing healthy food choices in the workplace


Donald Hantula & Victoria Wells (forthcoming). Consumer behavior analysis: (A)rational approach to consumer choice. London, UK: Taylor & Francis.


Courses Spring 2013

Industrial/Organizational Psychology
Applied Behvaioral Economics (Undergrad & Grad)

Editorial Boards

Journal of Organizational Behavior Management
Associate Editor
Co-editor (with Vickie Wells) special issues on Consumer Behavior Analysis

Psychology & Marketing
The Psychological Record
International Journal of e-Collaboration

The Journal of Social Psychology
past Executive Editor

Addresses & Awards

CalABA/OBM Network, February 2013

SIOP, April 2013

Association for Behavior Analysis-International, May 2013

Columbia University School of Medicine, Feb. 2012

Award for Extraordinary Service to the McNair Scholars Program, Oct. 2011


B.A. Emory University
M.A., Ph.D. University of Notre Dame