(Left) Gregory J. W. Urwin as a corporal in Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Leslie's
Company, 64th Regiment of Foot, a British reenactment unit in the Northwest
Department of the Brigade of the American Revolution, 1978.  (Photo by Claudette
Tischler).  (Right) As a private of the 33rd Iowa Volunteer Infantry, a persona
adopted in 1986 while teaching at the University of Central Arkansas.
(Photo courtesy of Log Cabin Democrat, Conway, Arkansas)

As a private of the 3rd U.S. Infantry, circa 1868 (second from right), after a
weekend in a reconstructed sod house near Fort Larned, Kansas, during the
winter of 1983-84.


Surprise!  Urwin has made a habit of giving first-person presentations on
soldier life in American Revolution and the Civil War for both his
college classes and groups of all ages.  The photo at left captures
Urwin in the classroom at the University of Central Arkansas.  The photo
at right shows him at the Conway Public Library in Conway, Arkansas.


(Left) As a lieutenant commanding Company E, 54th Massachusetts Volunteer
Infantry, during the shooting of Glory, February 1989.  The private to the left of
the tree is one of Urwin's students from the University of Central Arkansas.
(Photo by Ronnie A. Nichols)  (Right) As a captain commanding the UCA
Blue-Gray Association, a living history organization that Urwin founded to train
students in accurate interpretations of Civil War soldier life. (Photo Courtesy
University of Central Arkansas)

Posing for historical artist John Paul Strain during a large Civil
War event at Memphis, Tennessee, in the mid-1990s.
(Photo by John Paul Strain)


(Left) As a Union infantry major in the Frontier Brigade, Prairie
Grove, Arkansas, 1998.  (Right) As a fusilier in the Colonel's
Company, 23rd Regiment of Foot, Royal Welch Fusiliers in
America, 2002. (Photograph by Edward G. Urwin)


Scenes from the 225th Anniversary Reenactment of the Battle of Guilford Courthouse in Greensboro, North Carolina,
in March 2006.   (Left) Fusilier Urwin presents arms beside two ensigns bearing the colors of the Royal Welch
Fusiliers in America.  (Right) Urwin and his comrades stand at ease before the start of a simulated battle.