Work Experience


Temple University, College of Science and Technology, Center for Advanced Photonics Research

Philadelphia, PA 19122

Research Assistant Professor                                                   Sept. 2005 - present

Research Scientist                                                                    Sept. 2004 - Sept. 2005


Temple University, College of Science and Technology, Department of Physics, Philadelphia, PA  19122

Lecturer                                                                                  Sept. 2005 - present

Assistant Professor                                                                 Sept. 2004 - Sept. 2005


Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Department of Physics, Applied Physics, and Astronomy, Troy, NY 12180 USA

Research Associate                                                                    Oct. 2002 – Sept 2004

Post Doc Research Associate                                                  Nov. 1998 - Oct. 2002


Institute for Solid State Physics, Russian Academy of Sciences, Department of Fundamental Research, Chernogolovka, Moscow distr., Russia. 

Research Scientist                                                                      Jan. 1990 - Oct.1998

Jr. Research Associate                                                               Jan. 1985 - Jan.1990

PhD Student                                                                              Sept. 1982 - Jan.1985


Short-term positions

Institute for Physical Chemistry, University of Würzburg, Würzburg, Germany

Visiting Scientist                                                                        Dec. 2002 - Jan.2003

Visiting Scientist                                                                      May 2003 - June 2003


Physical Institute, University of Würzburg, Würzburg, Germany

Visiting Scientist                                                                       May 1996 - Aug.1996

Visiting Scientist                                                                       Sept. 1997 - Oct.1997


Max-Planck Institute für Festkörperforschung, Stuttgart, Germany

Visiting Scientist                                                                     Sept. 1993 - Dec. 1993


Research Activities

(selected items)

·        Investigation of ultrafast and nonlinear optical properties of quantum dots: exciton spin dynamics in CdSe QD’s, trap effects in PbS QD’s.

·        Study the structure and bonding of semiconductor constituent atoms in nanoparticles using Extended X-Ray Absorption Fine Structure (EXAFS).

·        THz spectroscopy of semiconductor quantum wells; creating the THz time-domain differentiator.

·        Study of exciton magnetoluminescence kinetics in two-dimensional systems with indirect excitonic transitions, such as in double quantum wells in InGaAs/GaAs. The aim of this project was to identify the bosonic condensate of excitons in this system.

·        Investigation of the changes in the properties of the excitonic system (exciton-exciton scattering, exciton-phonon scattering, and others) due to the reduction in the dimensionality (from 2D quantum well to 1D quantum wire) in InGaAs/GaAs structures..

·        Investigations of (a) the recombination rate and the intersubband relaxation time, and (b) the spin-relaxation times of both 2D holes and electrons in single GaAs/AlGaAS heterojunctions.


Instrumental Experience

In the course of my research I have tested several experimental techniques for doing different types of optical experiments in various ranges of photon wavelengths and time resolution:


·        pump-probe technique,

·        time-correlated photon counting,

·        time-resolved spectroscopy with a synchroscan streak camera,

·        degenerate time-integrated four-wave mixing,

·        time-domain THz spectroscopy,

·        X-ray absorption spectroscopy.


Most of my experiments have been performed at low temperatures using cryovacuum techniques applying a magnetic field.




Moscow Engineering-Physical Institute, Moscow, Russia; graduated with Qualification of Engineer-Physicist (M.S. equivalent);            Sept.1976 - Feb. 1982


Institute for Solid State Physics, Russian Academy of Sciences, Chernogolovka, Russia;  awarded PhD degree in Physics and Mathematics;                 Sept. 22, 1992



·        Member of American Physical Society

·        Member of Optical Society of America

·        Member of Alumni Club of  Moscow Engineering-Physical Institute