Dr. Aleksey I. Filin

Selected Publications


1.      D. A. Romanov, A. I. Filin, and R. J. Levis, "Control of spectral interference patterns in broad Rabi sidebands toward quasi-comb structures", Optics Letters, submitted (2013)


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4.      R. Compton, A. Filin, D. A. Romanov, and R. J. Levis, "Broadband Time-Dependent Rabi Shifting in Micro-Plasmas: the Origin, the Dynamics, the Applications". Phys. Rev. A83, 053423 (2011) PDF


5.      Plewicki, M., Compton, R., Filin, A., Romanov, D.A., Levis, R.J., "Origin of the Spectral Coherence in Dynamically-Broadened Rabi Sidebands", Optics Letters, 35(5): 778-780 (2010). PDF


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