Research Interests

From my first research in Probability Theory to my latest work on theoretican and applied Statisatics, my approach to statistical research has been characterized by a strong theoretical basis with a clear view to applications. Before joining the Statistics Department at Temple University I taught at the University of  Pennsylvania and Princeton University. This gave me the opportunity to  interact with world  renowned statisticians with a wide range of interests and  inspired my first  work on Von Mises expansions and  functional derivatives. My current research interests include target estimation and the robustness of conditional inferences. In both topics, the  functional derivatives of statistical functionals provide effective tools for analyzing the different aspects of these problems.

My teaching has included a large variety of courses, from basic undergraduate courses in general statistical methods and data analysis to advanced graduate courses in Probability Theory.

My experience with real data includes several years of consulting for the Agricultural Experimental Station at Rutgers University.