Directly up Bank street, less than 50 walking steps away sits another one of Old City's large clubs. The Five Spot plays host to some of Philadelphia most popular parties, one being the Black Lily, which is held on Tuesday and the First Friday event with DJ Ronnie D.

DJ Ronnie D began as a fill in DJ at Egypt night club on Delaware Avenue. Eventually he got the eyes of the Five Spot owners and they gave him a big break by offering the resident DJ spot at the Five Spot. Now each and every Friday you can hear Ronnie D, pound his way through a set, from which he refers to as a "super mix." When asked why he doesn't spin just one type of music Ronnie D said, "I always like clubs that gave you a little bit of everything, because personally I get bored and I don't want that to happen to people. I think also it spices the evening up when you give people a little taste of everything. Most people respond really well to the combinations that I spin, and that it what makes my job as a DJ great. I feed off of the people screaming and just having a great time. In my eyes first Friday is one of the hottest nights to be out especially in Old City. Every place is packed and people are just looking to unwind."

Diversity is also key at The Five Spot just like it is at Envy nightclub. From open mic Black Lily nights to Top 40/ hip-hop dance parties. Also, the Latin dance parties are known all over the city. Inside The Five Spot is two levels for people to experience. The larger area upstairs tends to be the main dancing area and where the largest crowds gather. The main floor offers abundant seating and a kichen that offers simple finger foods throughout the evening.

Crowd size varies by the night, some nights standing is the only option and on others seating is available to all. One piece of advice though, on First Friday, get in early and get a table. By 10 p.m. both floors are packed wall to wall with people.