Andrea M. Quattrini

Andrea holds a BS in biology from Millersville University, PA and a MS in marine biology from the University of North Carolina Wilmington (UNCW). Before beginning the PhD program at Temple University in spring 2009, Andrea was a research associate at UNCW and participated in over a dozen offshore cruises.  She investigated open ocean, shelf-edge, and deep-sea coral ecosystems, with particular emphasis on larval, juvenile, and adult mesopelagic and demersal fishes. Overall, Andrea has broad interests in the diversity, taxonomy, and ecology of deep-sea ecosystems, especially deep-sea coral reefs and associated fishes. Particularly, she is interested in the interconnectedness of deep-sea species, communities, and populations. At Temple, Andrea’s dissertation research focuses on the connectivity of habitat forming deep-sea corals in the Gulf of Mexico. Her research includes population genetics of Callogorgia spp. and community phylogenetics of gorgonians. In 2009, Andrea received funding from the Dr. Nancy Foster Scholarship Program to support her studies while at Temple University.

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