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Music Theory Publications

“Dexter Gordon’s Ultimate ‘Body and Soul’,” co-authored with Aleck Brinkman, Five perspecives on "Body and Soul": Proceedings of the International conference on music performance and analysis, ed. by Claudia Emmenegger and Olivier Senn (2011). Download a pdf
"Joseph Schwantner's Looking Back: An Analysis in Relation to his Other Flute Works and his Chicago Experience" Flutist Quarterly 36/3(spring 2011): 32–37. Download a pdf
"Blackboard and Wikis and Blogs, Oh My: Collaborative Learning Tools for Enriching Music History and Music Theory Courses," with primary author Steven Kreinberg, College Music Symposium, vol. 49–50 (2010): 164–175. Download a pdf
“Looking Back: Joseph Schwantner’s Chicago Connection and a Look at His Recent Flute Works,” Pipeline, Vol. XIII, Issue 1 (Fall 2009): 6–10. Download a pdf
"Report on the 2008 Mannes Institute for Advanced Studies in Music Theory: Jazz Meets Pop" (co-authored with Henry Martin, Steve Larson, Lori Burns, John Covach, and Walter Everett), Music Theory Online 14/3: mto article
"Rhythm and Timing in the Two Versions of Sequenza I for Flute Solo: Psychological and Musical Differences in Performance" (co-authored with Aleck Brinkman) as a chapter in a book, Berio's Sequenzas, ed. by Janet Halfyard, with a forward by David Osmand Smith (Ashgate Academic Publishers, 2008).
Link to book information:

"Billie Holiday's Art of Paraphrase: A Study in Consistency," co-authored with Robert W. Weisberg, Temple University Dept. of Psychology, chapter in book, New Musicology (part of a series called Interdisciplinary Studies in Musicology ). Poznan Poland: Poznan Press, 2006.


"Toward a Cognitive Analysis of Musical Creativity in Jazz Improvisation," co-authored with Robert W. Weisberg, Aleck Brinkman, Temple University Dept. of Music Theory, and graduate students in the Dept. of Psychology; published in Italian in Rivista di analisi e Teoria Musicale , X/2: 35–57, 2004. (Italian); (English).

"The Great Symphonic Theme: Multiple Takes on Stella's Theme," in Annual Review of Jazz Studies (vol. 9, 1998); ed. by Henry Martin, with a response by Allen Forte.

"An Analysis of Polyrhythm in Selected Improvised Jazz Solos," chapter in Concert Music, Rock, and Jazz Since 1945: Essays and Analytical Studies, ed. by Elizabeth West Marvin and Richard Hermann. University of Rochester Press, 1995.

Review of The Music of George Gershwin by Steven Gilbert, Journal of Music Theory 41/2 (Fall 1997): 319–29.
Reviews for the IAWM Journal: Report: "Women and Music on the World-Wide Web" (2/2, June 1996); reviews of two CD's of music by Shulamit Ran (Spring 1997); reviews of Ann LaBerge CD and of a concert by Orchestra 2001 (Fall 1997).

"Writing for the Flute," Penn Sounds 8/1 (Fall 1996): 4–13.

Review of two books by George Perle: The Right Notes and Style and Idea in the Lyric Suite of Alban Berg, for Penn Sounds 8/2 (Winter, 1996).
"Luciano Berio's revision of Sequenza for Flute: A New Look and New Sound?" The Flutist Quarterly, vol. 21/2 (Winter 1995/6): 43–50.
"Analysis and Performance: A Study in Contrasts," Integral 7 (1993): 1–37.
Review of Ear Training for Twentieth Century Music by Michael Friedmann, Journal of Music Theory 36/2 (Fall 1992).
"Analysis and Performance of the Flute Sonatas of J.S. Bach: A Sample Lesson Plan," Journal of Music Theory Pedagogy 5/2 (Fall 1991): 133–60.
Review of Musical Structure and Performance by Wallace Berry (with primary author, Steve Larson), Journal of Music Theory 35 (1991): 298–309.
"A Performance Analysis of Berio's Sequenza for Flute," The Flutist Quarterly, vol. 15/4 (Fall 1990): 18–21.
"A Lesson on Jazz Flute: Eddie Daniels' Solo on 'Emily'," The Flutist Quarterly, vol. 15/1 (Winter 1989): 36–39.
"Unity and Pluralism in Selected Works by Joseph Schwantner," Ex tempore, vol. V/1 (Spring 1989): 77–86.
"The Synthesis of Traditional and Contemporary Practices in Joseph Schwantner's Sparrows," Perspectives of New Music 24/1 (Fall/Winter 1985): 184–96.

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