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Picture of Cynthia holding Fluteloops score

I. Large Ensemble
II. Chamber Music

(photo to the right is by Patrick Snook)

Flute Loops (the CD)
"Flute Loops is a 77-minute excursion into Folio's creativity over a period of nearly 30 years. Each of the eight works on this CD has its own personality... If there is, however, a thread that connects these pieces together, it is Folio's craftsmanship, which skillfully interlaces tonal and linear textures into a whole that seems logical, and almost inevitable. Every work on this recording has an individuality that provides and intriguing view into the mind of this fine composer."
"This CD is extremely well presented–varied works and exceptional performances. For flutists looking for new, challenging, and creative music in widely diverse styles that are very personal and also accessible, this is a 'must' recording."
(Brooks de Wetter-Smith, Flutist Quarterly, 2006)

Z3 for 2 flutes and piano
"Folio's Z3 was an energetic and fascinating three-movement work..."
(Caitlin Flood, IAWM Jounal, 2010)

A Matter of Honor: A Portrait of Alexander Hamilton
"In effect, Folio created her own viable form—more theatrical than Aaron Copland's piece for recitation and orchestra, A Lincoln Portrait—with consistently inspired music, coming together in a psychological mosaic of late-in-life Hamilton."
(David Patrick Stearns, Philadelphia Inquirer, 2005)

When the Spirit Catches You . . .
"[Cynthia Folio] produces consistently high-quality works."
"Folio writes music that is appropriately disturbing . . . with a haze of colorful, often-melodic meanderings . . ."
"The piece is imaginatively scored -- using steel drums in a non-Caribbean context, for instance—and ends with an eerie touch of a dozen music boxes winding down as the instrumentalists wander off stage."
(Peter Dobrin, Philadelphia Inquirer, 2004)

Through Window's Lattices
" . . . a variegated and engrossing work."
(Samuel L. Singer, Main Line Times, 1998)

Trio for flute, cello, and piano
" . . . confident and musical in expressing ideas of great substance . . . kept interest high with its atmospheric, driving and completely unpredictable nature."
(Peter Dobrin, Philadelphia Inquirer, 1994)

"Folio's Trio for flute, cello, and piano should become a standard work for that combination, alongside the Weber and Martinu trios. It is lyrical, yet has a wonderful rhythmic life of its own that reminds one at times of the energy of the Martinu trio."
(Brooks de Wetter-Smith, Flutist Quarterly, 2006)

Developing Hues
". . . a very striking piece, delightful for both player and listener."
(The Clarinet, 1995)

"Folio's three-movement piece for flute and bass clarinet was the most cheerful and, perhaps, the least self-conscious work on the program. . . . it developed a couple of simple structural devices into a delightful romp."
(Joan Reinthaler, Washington Post, 1990)

One for Four
". . . intriguing and enjoyable."
(Peggy Vagts, The Flutist Quarterly, 1990)

Sun Dagger
". . . an intense six-minute vision of heat and history."
(Wayne Lee Gay, Fort Worth Star-Telegram, 1990)Photo of Cynthia with statue of A. Hamilton


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Pentaprism (for string orchestra), 2015

  • Commissioned and Premiered by James Freeman and Chamber Orchestra, FIRST EDITIONS (COFE)
  • Premiered by COFE February 21, 2016 at Swarthmore College and February 26, 2016 at Haverford College.
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Winds for Change (Concerto for two flutes, string orchestra, percussionist, and video, with live electronic manipulation of the flutes), 2014

  • Commissioned by the ZAWA! flute duo (Claudia Anderson and Jill Felber, flutes)
  • Premiered November 15, 2014 at Grinnell College, Iowa by ZAWA! and the Grinnell College Orchestra, directed by Eric McIntyre.
  • Video is by Jude Rouslin (supported by a Subito grant from the Philadelphia chapter of the American Composers Forum)
  • Computer programming of electronic sound manipulation is by Aleck Brinkman.
  • The piece can also be performed in a version for string quintet and percussion.
  • The topic of the piece is climate change.
  • Portfolio Publications

We The Poets (SSAA choir and small percussion instruments), 2012

  • Commissioned and premiered by the Anna Crusis Women's Choir
  • The poems were chosen from the We The Poets Project
  • "Harmony" was premiered June 2, 2012 and will be performed on the GALA convention in Denver; the others will be premiered soon
  • In four movements:
    I. She Sang Hope
    II. Harmony
    III. Recipe for Poetry
    IV. We are the Dancers
  • Portfolio Publications

Voyage: I Too Can Sing a Dream (three choirs, four percussionists and piano), 2009

  • Commissioned by The Mendelssohn Club, The Gay Men's Chorus, and the Anna Crusis Women's Choir
  • Event was part of the Equality Forum
  • Portfolio Publications

A Matter of Honor: A Portrait of Alexander Hamilton (full orchestra and narrator) 2007

  • Originally commissioned as a chamber music piece by Astral Artistic Services, with a grant from the Presser Foundation.
    The orchestrated version was supported by a summer research grant from Temple University.
  • In Four Movements (20+ min.):
    I. Publius
    II. An Odd Destiny
    III. Why, Soldiers, Why?
    IV. A Happy Immortality
  • Premiered by the Temple University Symphony Orchestra, with William Stone as narrator and Luis Biava as conductor, Sept. 30, 2007 at Centennial Hall at Haverford College.
  • Portfolio Publications

Music Box (for SATB choir, doubling on music boxes, and piano), 2005

  • Poetry by Susan Albertine
  • Commissioned by Alan Harler for the Temple University Concert Choir
  • With funds from Laura H. Carnell Professorship
  • Premiered by the Temple University Concert Choir, directed by Alan Harler
  • Hildegard Publishing Company
  • Performance by Temple University Concert Choir, Alan Harler, director:

    Mendelssohn Club of Philadelphia--rehearsal and interview with the composer:

At the Edge of Great Quiet (for SSAA choir and piano), 1998

  • Commissioned by SAI Philanthropies, Inc. And Temple University's Delta Mu chapter of SAI
  • Winner in the 1999 New Music Delaware Contest
  • Texts from poetryALASKAwomen: Top of the World (edited by Suzanne Summerville):
    Mary Kancewick, "Roads"
    Leah Aronow-Brown, "There Were Suddenly Two Stones"
    Louise Gallop, "On a Day of White Trees" and "Out of Wind, Out of Sun"
  • Hildegard Publishing Co.

Living Legacy (for band, organ, and optional heraldic trumpets), 1998

  • Commissioned and premiered by Girard College to celebrate its 150th anniversary
  • Portfolio Publications

Pentacle (full orchestra), 1996

  • Commissioned and premiered by Main Line Symphony Orchestra for its 50th Anniversary Season
  • Portfolio Publications

Touch the Angel's Hand (choir, soprano solo, string orchestra & timpani), 1994

  • Commissioned and premiered by the Mendelssohn Club of Philadelphia conducted by Alan Harler
  • Text is a letter by Fra Giovanni (c. 1523) about hope in the face of hardship
  • Dedicated to my daughter, Lydia Thompson
  • Available also for choir, soprano solo, and piano or organ
  • Hildegard Pulishing Co.

Desert Winds (concert band), 1993

  • Commissioned by Kappa Kappa Psi Band Fraternity
  • Premiered by Temple University Collegiate Band
  • Cimarron Music & Productions

Sun Dagger (chamber orchestra), 1989

  • Composed at Yaddo Artist Colony
  • Premiered by Fort Worth Chamber Orchestra
  • Portfolio Publications

Timepieces (wind ensemble), 1988

  • Premiered by Texas Christian University Wind Ensemble
  • Four movements, 9 minutes
  • First Prize in New Music Delaware Contest 1994
  • Recorded on CD (Mark Records, 2877-MCD) by the Depauw University Band, Craig Pare, director
  • Recorded on CD (BCM+D Records, ©2011) by the Temple University Wind Symphony, Art Chodoroff, director
  • Portfolio Publications
Opening of last movement:



Café au Triolet(for flute, violin, and harpsichord), 2016

  • Commissioned by Beryl and Murray Zankel for Ensemble Triolet
  • Premiered August 13, 2016 at the National Flute Association Convention in San Diego, by Ensemble Triolet (Wendy Stern, flute; Shelby Yamin, violin; Joyce Lindorff, harpsichord).
  • Two movements: I. Caramel Macchiato and II. Café do Brazil
  • Portfolio Publications

Mad Dog Raga (an improisatory composition for chamber jazz ensemble), 2015

  • Premiered October 2, 2015 at Theater Horizon, directed by Elijah Thomas.
  • Program was called "East Meets West"
  • Performers were Elijah J. Thomas, flute & alto sax; Cynthia Folio, flutes; Elliott Levin, flute & tenor sax; Kristal Pacific, soprano; James Collins, piano; Max Kraus, double bass; and Ben Singer, drums.
  • Portfolio Publications

Playing in the Pocket (a pocket concerto for flute, with clarinet, violin, cello, piano, and percussion), 2015

  • Premiered April 27, 2015 by the Temple University New Music Ensemble, directed by Jan Krzywicki and featuring Christopher Schelb, flute.
  • Portfolio Publications

Fiddle Fest (for Scottish fiddle and string quartet), 2014

  • Commissioned and premiered August 16, 2014) by Hanneke Cassel (fiddler) and the resident quartet at the Newburyport Chamber Music Festival; David Yang, artistic director.
  • Link to premiere:
  • Portfolio Publications

Quintlexia (for 5 flutes: piccolo, 2 C flutes, alto, bass), 2013

  • Commissioned and premiered (November 23, 2013) by members of the Oklahoma Flute Society, at the Oklahoma Flute Fair in Norman, OK.
  • Portfolio Publications

Philadelphia Portraits: A Spiritual Journey (piccolo and piano), 2011

  • Commissioned and premiered (August 13, 2011) by Lois Herbine, flute and Matthew Bengtson, piano, at the National Flute Association Convention in Charlotte, NC.
  • Movements: I. Vincent Persichetti II. John Coltrane III. Marian Anderson IV. Benjamin Franklin V. Betsy Ross
  • Supported, in part, by the American Composer's Forum (ACF) Composer's Assistance Program (CAP) grant; a Subito Grant from the Philadelphia Chapter
    of the American Composer's Forum (ACF), and a Dean's Grant from Temple University
  • Finalist in the National Flute Association's Newly-Published Music Competition, 2012
  • Portfolio Publications

Sonata for flute and piano, 2011

  • Commissioned and premiered (March 12, 2011) by Julie Hobbs, flute and Michael Keller, piano
  • Supported by a faculty research grant from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point
  • Winner in the National Flute Association Newly Published Music Competition 2012
  • Portfolio Publications

"Iconic Inversions"
(flute, clarinet, cello, and piano), 2010

  • Commissioned and premiered by Network for New Music
  • One of 25 variations on the Diabelli Theme (by 25 different composers)
  • Entire set of variations is available from Theodore Presser Music

Elegy (2 flutes and piano; also arranged for flute choir), 2010Sheet music cover for Z3

Z3: I. Zephyr; II. Zenith; III. Zawa! (two flutes and piano), 2008
Cover design (pictured at the right) by Jude Rouslin

  • Commissioned by the PA Music Teachers Association
  • Dedicated to ZAWA! (Claudia Anderson & Jill Felber)
  • Premiered November 9, 2008, at Temple University by ZAWA! and Charles Abramovic on piano
  • Portfolio Publications

A Matter of Honor: A Portrait of Alexander Hamilton (narrator, alto sax, 2 violins, viola, cello, contrabass, piano, percussion), 2005

  • Commissioned by Astral Artistic Services, with a grant from the Presser Foundation
  • In Four Movements (20 min.):
    I. Publius
    II. An Odd Destiny
    III. Why, Soldiers, Why?
    IV. A Happy Immortality
  • Premiered by Astral musicians Feb. 18th, 2005 at the National Consitution Center
  • Portfolio Publications

Excerpts from premiere by Astral Artists, with Eric Owens as narrator
1. Opening of mvt 1 (text from Hamilton's Federalist Papers)
2. Opening of mvt 2 (Hamilton's letter to a friend)
3. Excerpt from mvt 3 (Hamilton sings his favorite song)
4. Excerpt from mvt 4 (The duel)

When the Spirit Catches You
. . .(flute, oboe, clarinet/alto sax, bassoon, viola, piano, percussion), 2004

  • Commissioned and recorded by the Relâche Ensemble
  • A 20-minute piece that depicts the complex sensations and emotional responses from a seizure
  • In Three Continuous Parts (20 min.):
    I. Aura (& MRI)
    II. Ictus
    III. Post-Ictus
  • Premiered Feb. 21 & 22, 2004 at the Prince Theater by the Relâche Ensemble
  • Portfolio Publications
  • For an article about the conception of the piece, click here
  • Below is a complete multimedia performance of the piece as part of the keynote lecture of the American Epilepsy Society Meeting by Dr. Steven Schachter.
    This was the 9th Annual Judith Hoyer Lecture on Epilepsy and it took place December, 2011. The video is in 3 parts:
    (1) Introduction by Congressman Hoyer
    (2) Dr. Schachter's lecture, "The Psychosocial Aspects of Epilepsy: State of the Art"
    (3) a live performance of the composition by the Relâche Ensemble

Two Songs on Poems by Stephen Dunn
(soprano, flute, viola), 2003

  • Commissioned by Network for New Music
  • Two Songs (9:30):
    I. The House Was Quiet
    II. Circular
  • Premiered March 21, 2003 at Settlement Music School in Philadelphia by the Network for New Music Ensemble
  • Awarded Honorable Mention for the Miriam Gideon Prize by the IAWM, 2011
  • Portfolio Publications

Seven Aphorisms (woodwind quintet), 2001

  • Commissioned by Pi Kappa Lambda
  • Seven movements (10 minutes):
    I. Good Things, When Short, Are Twice As Good (Baltazar Gracian)
    II. All Rising to a Great Place is By a Winding Stair (Sir Francis Bacon)
    III. Hope is a Waking Dream (Aristotle)
    IV. A Man With a Watch Knows What Time It Is; A Man With Two Watches Is Never Sure (Mark Twain)
    V. Plain Clarity is Better Than Ornate Obscurity (Mark Twain)
    VI. You Can Straighten a Worm, But the Crook is In Him and Only Waiting (Mark Twain)
    VII. What Happens to the Hole When the Cheese is Gone? (Bertold Brecht)
  • Premiered Dec. 8, 2001 at the PKL National Convention in Philadelphia by the Del'Arte Quintet
  • Recorded by Del'Arte Quintet (Flute Loops) and by Sylvan Winds (forthcoming)
  • Portfolio Publications

Flute Loops (4 C flutes, 2 alto flutes, and piano), 2001

  • Commissioned by Laurie Benson and funded by Meet the Composer and the Brannen-Cooper Fund
  • Premiered July 21, 2001 by the faculty at the Northern California Flute Camp in Carmel, CA.
  • Portfolio Publications

Through Window's Lattices (flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano, percussion), 1998

  • Commissioned and premiered by Network for New Music and the Hildegard Chamber Players
    with funding from Anni Baker Wolman
  • Hildegard Publishing Co.

Four 'Scapes (for four flutes, doubling on picc, alto flute, bass flute), 1998

  • In 4 movements: I. Cityscape; II. Seascape; III. Landscape; IV. Escape (15 minutes)
  • Commissioned and premiered by the Kirkwood Flute Ensemble with a grant from the Brannen Cooper Fund
  • Received Honorable Mention in the National Flute Association Newly Published Music Contest, 1999
  • To be performed by Flauto Dolce at the NFA National Convention, August 16 (see upcoming performances)
  • Portfolio Publications

Arca Sacra (for flute solo), 1997

  • Commissioned by National Flute Association for its High School Soloist Competition
  • Hildegard Publishing Co.
  • Recording on Vox Novus by Nina Assimak; Centaur Records by Stephanie Rea; and on Kristen Stoner and Memnon Arts by Kristen Stoner
  • Recently recorded on BCM+D records by David Cramer

Trio (for flute, cello, piano), 1994

  • Winner of National Flute Association Newly Published Music Contest, 1995
  • Premiered by Temple University New Music Trio
  • Performed Dec, 2000 by the Azure Ensemble (Susan Glaser, coordinator) at Merkin Recital Hall
  • In 3 movements, 12 minutes
  • Hildegard Publishing Company (#09514)

Contemporary Etudes (flute solo), 1991

  • 6 Etudes (total of 8 minutes)
  • An introduction to contemporary scales, rhythms and extended techniques
  • Portfolio Publications

Jazz compositions (on jazz CD, Portfolio, 1990

  • Five original compositions: Kokopelli, Portfolio, Naropa, Floating, That Feeling, Papa Pulido
  • Also featuring Waltz for David (Steve Larson), Sambossa (Larson), Floating (Louise Mygatt) and
    Round Midnight
  • Cynthia Folio, flute; Steve Larson, piano; Ed Wise, bass; Harrell Bosarge, drums
  • Nebula label (division of Centaur) NU 5009.

Three Songs (med. voice, piano), 1990

  • Portfolio Publications

Developing Hues (flute, bass clarinet), 1989; arrangement made for flute, baritone sax (2011)

  • Composed at Yaddo Artist Colony
  • Commissioned by and dedicated to Larry Thompson
  • Recorded by me and Larry Thompson on CD #4 of the Society for Composers Series ("Contra-punctus"); Capstone Records (CPS-8615)
  • In 3 movements, 10 minutes:
    I. Satin White explores contrasting colors and registers
    II. Cerulean Blue is a passacaglia with a blues flavor
    III. Cadmium Red Light uses a heterophonic texture
  • To listen to the opening of III, click here to download an aif sound file (935 K).
  • Originally publ. by Seesaw Music Corp.; now J.W. Pepper

Sketches (flute, piano), 1988

  • Portfolio Publications

The Elements (flute choir--10 parts; doublings on piccolo, alto flute, optional bass flute), 1986

  • In 4 movements (Earth, Air, Water, Fire), 10 minutes
  • Portfolio Publications

One for Four (4 C flutes), 1985

  • Composed for Texas Christian University Flute Quartet
  • Originally publ. by Shawnee Press (LD340); now J.W. Pepper

Moonlight Serenata (clarinet solo), 1985

  • Portfolio Publications

Flute Fantasy (flute solo), 1976

  • Portfolio Publications


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