Trinka's Bimini

Trinka's bimini frame is attached to the stanchion between the winches.  This enables the winch handles ot clear the frame.  It also gives better coverage over the cockpit.  The bow is attached to the stanchion with a special fitting made out of a piece of solid rod, worked into a concave shape to fit the stanchion and drilled with a hole for a bolt (show in the sketch to the right. 

It is a three bow bimini.  The aft bow is attached to the stanchion, on the inboard side.  The front bow is attached to the aft bow near the stanchion, and the middle bow is attached to the front bow.  The aft bow goes as far aft as possible without fouling the main sheet. Straps go forward and aft to provide stability. 

Height is a critical variable also.  Especially if full clearance is needed for a fairly tall person, it might be a good idea to cut the foot of the mainsail up a bit, to provide clearance for the bimini.   (The higher mainsail and the bimini together will provide protection to crew members standing in the cockpit from an accidental gybe.) 

The photos below show its very pretty, balanced appearance.  It provides excellent shade in the cockpit.

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