Seraphim Dodger/Bimini
These pictures show a combination of dodger for the foreward companionway and a bimini style top for the rear one with side and front curtains that are clear.  The areas over the main winches open by zipper allowing access and full throw of the winch handles without a problem.  Often in summer we sail with only the bimini but in the cold and rain we go out more often now that we have the protection from the weather.  It is also very nice on cold nights just for sitting out of the weather. 
 There is an  extension that adds on in two parts and goes all the way to the mizzen to enclose the entire cockpit.  We have often  used this as well on really bad days.  The plastic parts are on their third year and are still quite clear  although they a dirty in this picture due to dust from the marina works.