Photo Album

Rusalka has been configured for living  aboard and for singlehanded cruising and racing.  She has several distinctive adaptations for handling sails and below decks.
Halyards are led aft.  On the staboard side are the main halyard and the second reef line.  The port side has the jib halyard and first reef line.
Winches and line stoppers are on either side of the aft companion way.
Large primary winches (Barient 32 self tailing) have been added.  Vangs are rigged on both sides, and led aft to cam cleats on the front of the coaming. 

She uses a Monitor windvane with controls lines lead to a drum on the steering wheel.

 She has a different pedestal from most sisterships.  Note also the triple block with becket (giving power of 6) with an attached cleat to control the mainsail. (photo)


She has two dodgers.  The one for the main companion folds, while the dodger at the back of the cabin top is permanent and protects the front part of the  cockpit.

Below decks, her aft cabin has been transformed into a full navigation station, with a shelf on the starboard side to augment the space for instruments.  This photo shows her GPS, with antenna and extra in the ceiling), old loran, and CARD unit.  A swing-out unit shows depth and speed in the cockpit or below.

  The chart table over the engine shows a piece of plexiglas to hold and protect the chart as well as EPIRBS and other equipment. (photo).

The dinette area and galley are more conventional, but the electric coffee maker and wine glasses seem nice for live-aboard. 

In the forward cabin, the small sink has been changed to a vanity. 

The forward head has been removed turned into stowage space.  The cushion to make the main cabin into a double bunk is stowed on the ceiling, forward.