Index of Photos of Dodger.

Dodger photo set 1.   Three bows, leather, and grab rails, with 1" tubing makes it sturdy.  It cost a bit over $1,400. There is a zipper across the aft edge of the dodger for a sailing awning to go to the shrouds of the mizzen.  One more reason I like the mizzen.  The little flap that covers the front edge of the dodger over the hatch stops the weather, but you can still get your fingres under to slide the hatch forward.

 Dodger photo set 2.   These photos show the design of the removable bar over the main companionway that stretches from the coaming to the aft companionway storm hood.   The mountings for the bar is standard 3/4 or 7/8 pipe fittings.  Both of the front windows unzip and can be removed.  A flap below the bar to keep water out of the companionway is secured by velcro on the back edge of the bridge bar and by snaps on the deck.

 Dodger photo set 3.   With the bar and window out, the main companionway can be used easily from the cockpit..  With the bar in and the widows up, it looks like a pretty ordinary dodger.  Note the grab rails on the sides and leather chafe protection.  The hatch can slide open under the dodger, so you can enter the boat from forward with the dodger and bar in place.  There is a zipper on the front edge of the dodger over the companionway hatch for an eventual soft cover to extend forward over the hatch for really nasty weather at sea..

Deck Details, Set 4
UL: Vang, painted cabin sdies, teak deck
UR: radar installation on backstay, solar chargers
LL: crew on dock and in companionway
LR: vang, other deck details