Mary T, crossing the Atlantic Ocean, January 2003

These remarkable, mid-ocean photos show Mary T in the north east trade winds, on her passage from Cape Verde Islands to Martinique.  During this passage, Carol and Sig assisted a boat with a broken rudder.  After this rescue, they reduced sail area to stay near the damaged boat and render further assistance.  Fortunately, the captain of the rescued boat had a camera!

Sig commented on this way of sailing downwind:  "MARY T loves to go dead down wind, in strong wind, with a poled out jib and a reefed main. I rig a preventer on the boom, for safety. She sails perfectly, 2 ½ to 5 degrees by the lee. She sails fast, doesn't roll or oscillate and shows no tendency to gybe. It is scary sailing even slightly by the lee because it feels like she is about to jibe, but she doesn't even in the roughest seas. The Hydro-vane handles it easily. Try it."

Carol and Sig were honored by the Rhodes Reliant - Offshore 40 Association for this outstanding seamanship. 

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