Boat Maintenance Page
for Rhodes Reliants, Offshore 40s, other Cheoy Lee boats,
and any other 30 year old sailboat.

I have listed vendors who have helped me or friends, or who seem likely to be helpful.  I accept no responsibility if someone here is not helpful, or worse.  Please email your suggestions for additions (or deletions) to this list to

(last updated May 27,  2006)

General Insights:

Comprehensive Resources: Replacement (Cheoy Lee) Parts Teak Deck and other parts: Rigging Used Sails/Hong Kong Sails Wood Repair (rot, plywood delamination) Metal Working  Discussion of  Fiberglass Blister Issues Commercial Blister Repair - stripping, re-laminating, special cleaning, drying Do-it-yourself Blister Repair - digging, drying and cleaning, filling, covering Paints, "coating systems" Holding Tanks and Head Maintenance  Engines Electrical Systems, components, Lightning Protection, etc. Offshore Electronics (SSB, WeatherFax, email)

Heating, Refrigeration, Air Conditioning

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