Astarte Holding tank, planning, preparation phase

Mockup of holding tank, note angled recess in back to accommodate longitudinal stringer, notch in bottom left for seacock. Tubes on right are for deck and pump discharge (Sealand discharge pump on top).  Center tube with T is for flushing bottom of tank. Valve assembly above tank on left has two 1 1/2" ball valves, to control direction of toilet discharge and source for overboard discharge.
The lockers behind the head and sink are opened up so the tank will be able to slip in and down.
Here is the never seen, never used space behind the sink.  The tank will come down almost to the wires, that connect the forward batteries to the aft distribution panel. On the far left, you can see that the discharge seacock has been moved from the filled hole to the far aft location.  The filled hole in the upper right was the original sink outlet, which I filled when I made the gray water tank.
Another view of the space and the change in the seacock location.

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