GABRIELLE  Bilge Pump Module

Our boats have the challenge of developing a bilge pump system that functions in a deep, narrow bilge, and that can be serviced easily.  On GABRIELLE, Bob engineered a special system with two pumps that could easily placed in the bilge and secured quickly, but could be easily removed for service.
Bob display the bilge pump module, with two pumps, an automatic switch, and associated wiring and plumbing. Here the module is installed in the bilge.  Top is forward.  The bump is secured to after bulkhead (bottom of photo).  The yellow tank is a sump tank for refrigerator and shower drain.

The following is my solution for getting water out of the bilge on GABRIELLE.  I
fabricated a platform to accept two bilge pumps.  A Lovette bilge pump on the
bottom and a PAR positive displacement pump on the top.  The platform is made of
stainless steel and is attached with one 3/8 inch bolt after it is lowered in
place. There is also a bilge pump cycle counter, high water float switch and
alarm attached.

Note: The Lovette pump is one of the few centrifugal pumps that will pump bilge
water 8 feet up from the bottom of the bilge to the bridge deck. The PAR pump is
a positive displacement pump and doesn't care about the 8 feet height.

The bilge pump assembly is installed in the aft deep bilge with plenty of access
for inspection and maintenance. The pump discharge hoses are led to a high point
just under the bridge deck (for anti-siphon) and back down to where they are
connected to the cockpit drain.  The one bolt used to hold the assembly in place
makes everything very secure and no movement is notices when sailing. The whole
assembly can be removed in 5 minutes by removing one bolt, disconnecting 4 wires
and 2 hoses.

Just forward of the bilge pump assembly is the gray water collection system.
The yellow plastic jerry can has it own Lovett pump and takes care of all the
drain water from sinks, showers and ice box.  Also just to the side of the
yellow plastic jerry can is a hand bilge pump use to strip the last ounce of
water from the bilge.

I also have a Whale Gusher hand pump mounted to a board as a standby pump and
for pumping out the dinghy.

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